Request for collaboration to create an dedicated platform for efloraofindia:

On behalf of our group, thank you for your combined effort in collecting data on plant biodiversity at eflora of India. As a computer scientist, I feel thankful for the precious wealth of knowledge your group has created. 
I am Dr Kapil, a faculty member at the Department of Computer Applications, NIT Kurukshetra. Our research group is working on plant data. In one of my student’s thesis, we attempted to identify plant species through machine learning methods.
We have been working on our project to collect plant data for the last year. Since when I went through the efloraofindia Google group, I want to contribute here in my way to the group. On behalf of my group, we would like to create a web/mobile application for efloraofindia that assists the group in collecting the plant data, identifying it through efloraofIndia group and putting it on the efloraofIndia website, and automating some of the tasks.
With this aim, we would like to make this. It would be very generous if some of you could spare some time from your busy schedule to help us understand the working of efloraofindia, and give us feedback during the complete development of the application. 
Please register yourself for the same at Google Form and feel free for any query or question to contact me at: ka… or Ph 8221811422 or WhatsApp

Request members to participate and help in the project with your views and comments.

In continuation of my previous email and suggestions from …, we are need of your suggestion on the interface images. Please go through below email and answer the following questions. It is highly valuable to us.
Use case 1: Searching without login,

Question: What are the main features based on which eflora contributors and fans might search for a plant species or biodiversity?

Do we record the search strings used by people on if so, can you share?

Every user, contributing any kind of data, must share some of his information and this information is taken from him at signup

but to ensure the privacy of the individual, we have the following questions-

What information from a user should be kept about himself with the system?

What portion of users’ personal information can be shown to other users, and what should be not?

Can you suggest us how many different type users, one the basis of permissions, our group and website has? 

Like in google group, only managers and owners can see members’ information.


For any contribution and question from the eFlora community, one has to share some details about oneself (to assure that we get the authentic information), so

We have login before actually putting anything on the group desk. This will attach the contribution with a particular person.

Once a person is logged in he/she can contribute in various ways

We need to add Request or Confirm ID button


The Contribute should take the information similar to the post-
And the information from posting guidelines-
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-
Inflorescence Type/ Size-
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-
Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.-

we will try to gather location data and time data from the image itself (any feedback*). However other things will remain in this way to be filled up by user 

*Question: Any other information that should be extracted from image?

Question: What information should be compulsorily taken from contributors, and what should be optional?

How many images (minimum and maximum)?


The below interface is for explore the observations recorded by users

Q What keywords do you think should be associated with the search

  1. location
  2. time/date 
  3.  …
  4.  …


Below is the interface for reviewing those works that are requested for ID

There must not be upvote and down vote buttons over here.(yet to be done). Everywhere instead of Logout, we can have user’s name  


On clicking one such observation, the feedback/comments/suggestions from reviewers is gathered through comment as shown on next screen

A star on the user shows the requester/contributor

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