Queries on search at eflora website:

In continuation from our previous mail and appreciation from JM Garg Sir, I want to tell you that we have gone through the website
and the google group of eflora and have identified some interactions and corresponding queries. It will be great help if you could answer us-

Searching without login,
Question: What are the main features based on which eflora contributors and fans might search for a plant species or biodiversity?
Do we record the search strings used by people on efloraofindia.com? if so, can you share?

How the search works on the site (as it is inbuilt in WordPress), is not clear to me also.
But I search a lot on botanical names (Genus names, species names (part or complete) etc.), common names (part or complete), some features like winged (petiole etc.) or on many things which may throw up limited results to take me closer to the id.
Sometimes also search on genus name + state name, to narrow down on the species which may be reported/ observed from the state.
I sometimes also search on a species name, which may take me to other species pages where mention of that species may also be there as it may have been confused (or similar looking) in the past during the discussions.
There are infinite possibilities and search keywords depend on one’s requirement and familiarity with the site.
I hope it clarifies a bit.
Regarding “Do we record the search strings used by people on efloraofindia.com? if so, can you share?”- I am not aware. But in the past I came across reports from Google Analytics as to the most searched posts on our site everyday, week or month etc. (not available now).

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