Maharanga bracteata (Wall.) L. Cecchi & Hilger, Pl. Biosystems 156(App.S1): 16 (2022 publ. 2021) (syn: Onosma bracteata Wall. in W.Roxburgh; Onosma dolichouta W.T.Wang; Onosma macrocephala D.Don) as per POWO;
W. Central & Central Himalaya to SW. Tibet: Nepal, Tibet, West Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Bracted Onosma

id request: 2 images.
Please help in the identification of this species I found at an elevation of 4054 m asl, in between Dayara and Gidara, Uttarkashi Uttarakhand

Looks somewhat closer to Saussurea:
Also check related genera.

Yes … Mostly it is Saussurea gossypiphora of ASTERACEAE

Looks different from S. gossypifolia !

Maharanga bracteata (Wall.) L.Cecchi & Hilger Syn : Onosma bracteata Wall.

Yes saroj sir . It has similarity with Maharanga bracteata (Wall.) L.Cecchi & Hilger Syn : Onosma bracteata Wall
But still little confusing

This is Onosma bracteata (probably now called Maharanga bracteata). You can compare with some images here:



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Arnebia nandadeviensis Sekar & Rawal (Boraginaceae) a new synonym of Onosma bracteata Wall.- Umeshkumar L. Tiwari- Journal of Threatened Taxa | | 26 September 2016 | 8(11): 9391–9393