SK 3822 28 July 2023: 4 images.

Location: Taplejung, East Nepal 
Date: July 2023
Elevation: 1000 m.
Habit : Wild
Images sent by Sajan Subedi, a friend.
Leaves look like Trichosanthes wallichiana (Ser.) Wight but flowers look different.

Yes, different. Could not find any match as per comparative images at

This looks a bit difficult!
Trichosanthes dunniana H.Lév. ??

Appears to be some other genus.

Any suggestions

Not getting any so far.

Any idea what is the flower color of Herpetospermum tonglense (C.B.Clarke) H.Schaef. & S.S.Renner?

I think looks different as per

To me also looks like female flower of T. wallichiana

By the way, could you please send me the images of female flowers ? I could not


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