Illigera grandiflora W. W. Sm. & Jeffrey, Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 8: 189 (1914) (syn: Illigera grandiflora var. microcarpa C.Y.Wu ; Illigera grandiflora var. pubescens Y.R.Li ; Illigera villosa f. subglabra Kubitzki);
China (S. Yunnan, S. Guizhou) to N. Myanmar: China South-Central, Myanmar as per POWO;

MS, Aug., 2023/02 Climber ? for id: 1 image.
Location : 8 km from Siaha, South Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,200 m
Habit : Climber ?
Habitat : Wild
Photo : Vanlalhruaia Kompa

Habitat, leaf and stem images?

Unable to find anything close.
From the background leaves (if it is from the same plant), it may be from Fabaceae.

Any other images, …?

1 image

Illigera grandiflora (Hernandiaceae)




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