MS, Aug.,2023/01 Gesneriaceae ? for id.: 3 images.
Location : Tlangpui, South Mizoram

Altitude : ca.1,100 m
Date : 29-07-2023
Habit : Undershrub
Habitat : Wild
Photo : Vanlalhruaia Kompa

I do not think so. What else can it be?

Could it be Argostemma??

This is a Rubiaceae member.

Argostemma sp

Yes, Argostemma sp.

As per the checklist of India- 9 species in India.

A. humileA. khasianum, A. monophyllumA. rostratumA. sarmentosumA. verticillatum are known from NE India.
And it is neither A. sarmentosum nor A. verticillatum which are known to occur in W.Himalaya too.
The corolla structure is closer to A. courtallense which is a South Indian species known in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Thank you … for validating my guess on Argostemma. I checked A. courtallense also earlier but it has got no distribution.

I tried checking these species in POWO and GBIF, but it does not match as per

What are the species reported in your book with keys?

I think this could be an undescribed taxon of Argostemma? Please check it carefully as we cannot fix its identity properly to any known entity of the genus.

Or it may be some species reported from Myanmar as it is bordering it.


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