Amphicarpaea ferruginea Benth., in F.A.W.Miquel, Pl. Jungh.: 231 (1852) (syn: Amphicarpaea edgeworthii var. rufescens Franch. ; Amphicarpaea ferruginea var. bracteosa (Prain) H.Ohashi & Tateishi ; Amphicarpaea rufescens (Franch.) Y.T.Wei & S.K.Lee ; Glycine cylindriflora Wall. ; Glycine ferruginea Graham; Pueraria ferruginea (Benth.) Kurz ; Shuteria anomala Pamp. ; Shuteria ferruginea (Benth.) Baker; Shuteria ferruginea var. bracteosa Prain ; Shuteria ferruginea f. pauciflora Pamp. ; Shuteria siamensis Craib);
Nepal to China (Sichuan, Yunnan) and Thailand: Assam, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand as per POWO;

Amphicarpaea ferruginea Benth.: 8 high res. images.

Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur, Nepal
Date: 26 August 2023
Altitude: 2700 m.
Habitat : Wild






POWO  Catalogue of Life  ILDIS  GBIF (High resolution specimens)  Flora of China  Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal India Biodiversity Portal

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