Collaborate with a Mycologist:

My name is Glenna Dsouza, and I am a part of the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic, a collective dedicated to youth engagement in climate action. Our previous projects include designing an interactive biodiversity map and making art for Mumbai’s mangroves (see for more).

We are currently working on a project called ‘Looking out for nature‘. The goal of this project is to get people to notice and identify some of the commonly seen flora and fauna in the city of Mumbai. Through a series of online posts, and eventually a printed set of booklets, we hope to get people to know of at least 7 species in each of the following categories: birds, butterflies, mammals, insects, reptiles, plants, trees, fungi and marine life. Here is what we have been doing so far:

For each category, we are reaching out to an expert or an organisation. We believe that there will be multiple mycologists on this group or just people who have the expertise to curate information for FUNGI. It would be great if you could reach out with information on Seven species of Fungi that are commonly seen in Mumbai. The information we need is:

-common name
-scientific name
-description (features that people can identify easily)
-one fun fact
-photograph of the Plant/leaves/flowers (if possible)

Additionally, please do send us a line or two about yourself for the cover page of the series. We will put a spotlight on the expert and/or organisation that has kindly provided us with this information.

We request you to please give us this information by 15th October 2023, so that we can post it soon. Once posted on Instagram, we hope to add to you as a Collaborator. We hope you will accept the invitation.

It would also be great if we could collaborate with you through any organisations you are a part of. It would help build our reach, and also get the youth of Mumbai to know about the organisation and it’s work.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions or clarifications you may have.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Youth Action Circle
Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic (see for more)

Marking a copy to two of the mycologists in the bcc.
In case they are interested, they will get in touch with you.


Fungi: 1 docx file.
With reference to your request to eflora of India Please find attached common fungi found in the Mumbai area.


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