Here i am sending photos of strobilanthus species collected from chittor district of andhra Pradesh : 17 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (2)- around 650 kb each.
Please identify the stobilanthus species

Strobilanthes consanguineus ??

Looks different from images at Strobilanthes consanguinea
Could not find a match as per comparative images at Strobilanthes

This is Strobilanthes canarica

I agree that it doesn’t look right for S. consanguinea but I don’t know the South Indian species very well so am reluctant to suggest an alternative. S. consanguinea is said to be quite variable.

To me looks different from Strobilanthes canarica per specimens in GBIF and publication at Download PDF – Journal of Threatened Taxa

It looks different. Not S. canarica for sure. It is found only in higher altitudes. Iet me see more images, also the habitat, habit etc. Some times a new one

Oh I am sorry, this is of course not S. canarica, it is S. carnatica

Thanks, … Here is the GBIF Specimen.

it resembles Strobilanthes meeboldii

Thanks, …
It is S. carnatica as confirmed by … and as per GBIF Specimen and as per A Revision of the Strobilanthes kunthiana-Group (Phlebophyllum sensu Bremekamp) (Acanthaceae) by Mark A. Carine and others- Kew Bulletin 59(1):1–25 · January 2004 (Abstract- Morphological variation in the Strobilanthes kunthiana group is examined and species delimitation problems addressed. A taxonomic revision is presented recognising ten species from peninsular India. Two new species are described, Strobilanthes gamblei Carine, J. Alexander & Scotland and S. carnatica Carine, J. Alexander & Scotland).
I could not get any images or specimen of Strobilanthes meeboldii on net including on GBIF. Also it is not distributed in the posted area.

Sending you the publication by Carine.

I had gone through the doc, sometimes not very common specimens may not be included in the review articles; I feel the review articles are not final/supreme; further another article may be published with the additions as sub-species etc, when there is substantiated  evidence that our specimen differs with them by young enthusiastic people like Anjaneyulu

Thank you so much for your explanation, …,
…, we have earlier reports from the posted area….look into the references, please…
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Please dissect flowers and provide some information about plant profile,
hope that will help for conformation,

It does not look like S carnatica as per discussions at idwntification of strobilantes sp

Also looks different from

This specimen is interesting, I haven’t seen this specimen anywhere in the entire western ghats. But this specimen  has resemblances with S jeyporensis, which is commonly found in the dry habitats.
I will check with some other literatures and tell u more about it later.

Inflorescence looks different : https://www.gbif.org/species/3780250