PKD251224: Regarding identification of the species collected from Gajapati Odisha on December 23: 3 high res. images.
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Tried looking for it in Solanaceae, but could not find a match

Argyeria pilosa – wild climber

to me it does not look like Argyreia nor solanaceae member…

What …, no doubt, I used spend time in forest frequently, it is Argyeria only

Sir i have myself collected and photographs Argyreia pilosa from Maharashtra, it is failry common. have a look at it at https://www.flowersofindia.Hairy%20Purple%20Trumpet.html
the leaves and fruit does not resemble A.  pilosa.
perhaps more photos will help us to identify,

Please compare these two and confirm if it is Argyeria or not.

Image added is Argyeria elliptica