Arachniodes amabilis (Blume) Tindale, Contr. New South Wales Natl. Herb. 3: 90 (1961) (syn: Lastrea amabilis (Blume) T.Moore ; Aspidium amabile Blume ; Byrsopteris amabilis (Blume) C.V.Morton ; Dryopteris amabilis (Blume) Kuntze ; Nephrodium amabile (Blume) Hand.-Mazz. ; Polystichopsis amabilis (Blume) Tagawa ; Polystichum amabile (Blume) J.Sm. ; Rumohra amabilis (Blume) Ching );
Japan to Tropical Asia: India, Japan, Jawa, Korea, Lesser Sunda Is., Myanmar, Nansei-shoto, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Taiwan, Vietnam as per POWO;

SK 3918 13 January 2024 – Fern: 5 very high res. images.

Location: Lankuri Bhanjyang, Lalitpur
Date: 13 January 2024
Elevation: 1506 m.
Habit : Wild



Arachniodes nipponica (Rosenst.) Ohwi ??

Check with Polystichum incongruum J.P.Roux

Arachniodes possibly A.amabilis

Not sure but it has got no distribution in Nepal !

I also could not find any match at




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