Identification of Zingiberaceae genus : 1 image.
kindly help in the identification of the Zingiberaceae genus collected from Arunachal Pradesh,  India.

Looks like something new !

Rhynchanthus sp.

I was also guessing the same genus but could not find any match since only one sp.,
Rhynchanthus longiflorus Hook.f. has got distribution in India but does not look like a match.
Only 4 sp. given in POWO, CoL and one more sp. Rhynchanthus wiesemannianus Loes. & Schltr. 
is given in GBIF and IPNI. Among them, only Rhynchanthus johnianus Schltr. has got a slight 
match, but not completely.

Thank you sir for digging in deeper into this. I did check as well and couldn’t find the match. Just as sabu sir said it could be a novel one. Additionally the species is an epiphyte with a healthy population.

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