Bluish black fruit sp. from Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary: 2 images.
Please help to id this species

Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, ghats section road from Makutta to Madikeri, KA
March 24, 14,
1 Seeded fruit with spherical smooth brown surface

It looks like Stychnos potatorum, Loganiaceae. Water clearing Nut.

it is not, fruit is blackish, not blue;

Rubiaceae; Lasianthus sps

Machilus macrantha

not etal, Machilus macrantha Syn. Persea macrantha fruit blackish-purple.

Close up of seeds
1 Heic image.

the blue fruit may be Symplocus paniculatus

But does Symplocos paniculata have distribution in the area?
Also seeds appear to be different from those on the net:
Research Gate
https://commons.wikimedia.Symplocos_paniculata_seeds, Hoftun.jpg

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