Anthurium × macrolobum W. Bull ex T.Moore & Mast., Gard. Chron., n.s., 19: 404 (1883), nom. cons.;

Anthurium macrolobum, An Ornamental Aroid: 7 images.

I am sharing pictures of Anthurium × macrolobum, which is an artificial hybrid from the 19th century and a popular ornamental plant in India and around the world.
Mostly misspelled as A. macrolobium. 
Anthurium × macrolobum W. Bull ex T.Moore & Mast.
Family: Araceae 
Parentage: A. leuconeurum × A. pedatoradiatum
Flowering and Fruitng: March to November.
Photographed in Cultivation: Hamirpur, H.P.
Date: 21-04-2024
Interesting paper on its nomenclature:  Remarks_on_the_nomenclature_of Anthurium_macrolobum_Araceae

Yes, appears close as per images at






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