Calystegia hederacea Wall., Fl. Ind. 2: 94 (1824) (syn: Calystegia abyssinica Engl.Calystegia acetosifolia Turcz. ; Calystegia hederacea var. elongata Liou & Y.Ling ; Calystegia hederacea var. pentapetala Makino ; Calystegia hederacea f. pentapetala (Makino) H.Hara ; Calystegia japonica var. pentapetala (Makino) Makino & Nemoto ; Calystegia subvolubilis var. pentapetala (Makino) Makino & Nemoto ; Convolvulus acetosifolius Turcz. ; Convolvulus calystegioides Choisy ; Convolvulus loureiroi G.Don ; Convolvulus wallichianus Spreng.; Volvulus hederaceus var. pubescens Farw. ; Volvulus hederaceus (Wall.) Kuntze);
Ethiopia, Afghanistan to Japan: Afghanistan, Altay, Bangladesh, China North-Central, China South-Central, China Southeast, East Himalaya, Ethiopia, Hainan, India, Inner Mongolia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Khabarovsk, Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Primorye, Qinghai, Tadzhikistan, Tibet, West Himalaya, Xinjiang; Introduced into: Czechoslovakia, Illinois, Italy, Malaya, Nansei-shoto, New York, Pennsylvania as per POWO;

Convolvulaceae species from Assam KD 03, Feb 24: 3 images.
Attached images are Convolvulaceae sp. (?) from Assam. Please ID of the species
Date : 28.01.2024
Location: Assam
Family : Convolvulaceae
Genus & species : ??
Habit :  Climber

Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam. ???
Wild or cultivated ??


The species is cultivated.

Buds look different as per images at

Can it be some species of

the images of species uploaded here  is not Ipomoea batatas. It is not also cultivated as my information was wrong. Sorry for that. After many days observation it is concluded that the species seems to be  Ipomoea aquatica Forssk which grows in winter season. I uploaded here one image of the species with root.

I do not think so.
It looks different (including buds) as per

Looks like a Calystegia. I shall check further

Yes, buds look similar to images at
So may be some Calystegia species.

What are the Calystegia species reported from your area?

According to ‘Flora of Assam’ vol I-IV [Kanjilal, 1940], ‘Assam’s Flora (Present Status of Vascular Plants)’[ Chowdhury, S. 2005], ‘Plant diversity of Assam- A checklist of Angiosperm and Gymnosperms (Barooah & Ahmed, 2014)and ‘Plantes Assam’ (Chowdhury, S., 2021) there is no record of occurrence of Calystegia sp. from Assam(my area). Moreover,  according to ‘Flowering Plants of India –An Annotated Checklist ,Dicotyledons  Vol-II,  BSI’ [ Dash and Mao 2020] only one single species of Calystegia ( Calystegia hederacea Roxb.) is reported from Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Sikkim, UttarPradesh, and West Bengal states of India (Page No. 181-182). And one new variety of Calystegia hederacea was also reported from Jammu and Kashmir State, India ( Bhellum and Magotra, 2010).

Pl. try to match with this.

To me appears close as per images at






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