Phalaenopsis mysorensis C.J.Saldanha, Indian Forester 100: 571 (1974) (syn: Doritis mysorensis (C.J.Saldanha) T.Yukawa & K.Kita ; Kingidium mysorense (C.J.Saldanha) C.S.Kumar ; Kingidium niveum C.S.Kumar; Polychilos mysorensis (C.J.Saldanha) Shim );
S. India, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
Common name: Mysore Moth Orchid

560 ID wild Orchid: 18 high res. images.
Please ID wild Orchid,
Location: bloomed near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Kerala INDIA
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 22MAY2024, 03.20pm
Habitat: wild moisture evergreen misty sloppy canopied alpine
Plant habit: epiphyte Orchid obliquely unbranched, perennial
Height: 06cm
Leaves: alternate elliptic acute simple smooth flexible fleshy, size upto: 07×4cm
Flower: basel spike inflorescence, clustered diameter:17mm, white, good non fragrant
Fruit: capsule green into brown ovoid ridges pendulous size:05x01cm
Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Phalaenopsis mysorensis C.J.Saldanha

Yes, it is Phalaenopsis mysorensis dear …, thank you very much for ID my Orchid

Phalaenopsis mysorensis.
May I know if this is Silent Valley area?

No, there are two Silent Valleys in Kerala. The famous first one is in Palakkad district more than 200km distance from here. Second one, least famous is in Idukki district at Munnar  85km. Which one is you expect?

No sir, I just wanted to know if your plants are from silent valley in Palakkad? There is supposedly one student working there on vascular epiphytes.






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Phalaenopsis mysorensis Saldanha (Orchidaceae): Note on Distribution and EcologySamantha Suranjan Fernando, IAUN Gunatilleke, Samantha Gunasekara, CVS Gunatilleke, UTI Abewardana