Erect herbs to 1 m tall; branchlets minutely pubescent. Leaves 4-8 x 2-5 cm, broadly ovate, base rounded or subcordate, margin crenate-serrate, apex acuminate, sparsely hispid, membranous, basally 3-(5) nerved; petiole to 7 cm long. Flowers monoecious. Male flowers in slender axillary spikes, 6-10 cm long, flowers very minute; tepals 4; stamens 8 on a convex receptacle, anthers linear. Female flowers in terminal panicles; bracts minute,ovate; tepals 3-6; ovary 3-lobed, 3-locular; ovule 1-per locule; styles filiform in 3 groups of 3 each. Capsules 1.5-2 mm across, with 3 cocci. Seeds globose.
Flowering and fruiting: August-December
Semi-evergreen and dry deciduous forests, also in the plains
Indo-Malesia and Tropical Africa
(From India Biodiversity Portal (Acalypha paniculata Miq.)

Fwd: identification : Attachments (4). 3 posts by 3 authors.

Acalypha racemosa [= A. paniculata].

Acalypha racemosa is a great choice !!


Acalypha paniculata Miq. SN Oct10 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Acalypha paniculata Miq,
wild herb in a shade place on the hill cave, Royakota, Krishnagiri Dt, Tamilnadu


ANNOV53 Please identify this Urticaceae member : 11 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (7)

Chimmony wildlife sanctuary
November 2014

I hope everybody is looking at this case
this is  an example of how to photograph an unknown, and how to give indication of size and provide a background for the tiny flowers at the same time as in pic 261
thanks, I am going to mark it as well done pic set

Acalypha sp

It may be Acalypha racemosa.

India biodiversity  portal says its found in Kerala and lists place , but its map for distribution on the same page show no pins…  I wonder why this discrepancy…
SO this from this sanctuary is consistent  with the portal.
I also wonder if anybody else has found it along up down the western ghats
and/or  in rest of hot and humid areas of India.

This species (the id needs confirmation) is reportedly distributed in Tropical Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Java. I have seen it in several locations in the Eastern Ghats.
In Indian literature, it is more popularly known by its synonym Acalypha paniculata.

well, … A panniculata is mukto jhuri in bangla

but I had never seen to be so hirsute as in this case
there was one in my front yard last week i ‘ll go check it out today to see if its details are the same as in these pictures
will tell you all here in this thread  if its still surviving

Thank you … Somehow missed this identified post.

Sevvel04 – 30 September – Kallar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – Acalypha species? : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)- around 600 kb each.
Location :  Kallar, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Date : 30 October 2018
Elevation : 500 m
Habit : Wild
A Euphorbiaceae plant. Might this be Acalypha paniculata?

Acalypha paniculata

i noticed in another thread also. these floral spikes with flowers falling off or gone and ABSCENCE OF HABIT PICTURES



Fwd: Acalypha sp. : Attachments (2). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Please help me for the identification of one Acalypha sp. collected from a semi evergreen forest around 500 m. from Kerala.

Acalypha australis?

Acalypha racemosa.

It is definitely not Acalypha paniculata. It could be A. fruticosa Forssk. However, to confirm the identity one need to study the floral characters, particularly the morphology of bracts. Please dissect out the flowers and follow the key and descriptions given in Flora of India, vol 23, pages 90 – 105. There are line drawings of most species, which would help you to identify.

Acalypha fruticosa looks closest!

This appears to be Acalypha paniculata Miq., common throughout India, Africa and Sri Lanka


491 ID wild plant: 18 high res. images.
Please ID wild plant with a visitor,
Location: bloomed near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Kerala INDIA
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 10SEP2023, 03.55pm
Habitat: wild moisture rocky evergreen misty sloppy canopied alpine
Plant habit: small shrub, erect, branches, weak greenish hairy/rusty cylindrical stem 05mm base circumference, annual
Height: 03 feet
Leaves: alternate, heart shaped, acute, soft flexible, wavy, serrated margins, size upto: 10×5cm
Flower: axillary spike male inflorescence, terminal panicle female inflorescence, both are greenish white, clustered, non fragrant
Fruit: drupe green into brown trilobed, irregular, glands, diameter:04mm

Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Laportea ???

Chances to Boehmeria sp.?

Laportea sp. having itching properties commonly when contact with skin, but my plant haven’t such properties.

Robi ji identified my plant as Acalypha paniculata.
Valia kuppameni




The Plant List  Flora of Zimbabwe  India Biodiversity Portal (Acalypha paniculata Miq.) Flora Zambesiaca

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