Walking Fern, tailed maidenhair;
Keys as per efi thread:
1. A.lunulatum (syn. of Adiantum philippense L.)- entirely glabrous, pinnae pale green rarely dark green, pinnules are fan shape or lunar shape or in crescent form and fold down with sori (linear), stipe glabrous long and dark black 
2. A.caudatum – hairy, pinnae green ,hairs pale brown and giving a pale brownish color to whole, pinnules not crescent but almost straight  fold down with sori but length is very short compared to A.lunulatum, stipe is hairy brownish due to hair color short as compared to lamina.
   If the stipe is glabrous, A.zollingeri but no tail as in A.caudatum



Virat nagar Forest Jaipur– 25.8.09;  ID-DKB185 – indiantreepix | Google Groups




 Adiantum caudatum L. from Kamrup district (Metro), Assam : Attachments (10). 3 posts by 3 authors.

Attached images are Adiantum caudatum L. (Walking fern). 
Date :14.10.2013
Location: Kamrup district (Metro), Assam
Family : Adiantaceae
Genus & species : Adiantum caudatum L.
Habitat: Grows wild hilly slopes
Habit : herb

Thanks … for detailed pics of vegetative as well as reproductive phases of this fern…



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