Flower for ID-071011SC1: Posting a photo for Id of flower

Date / Time – 18.09. 2011 / 11.00 am.
Location – Place – Kakuli Lake,Badalapur (Near Kalyan),Maharashtra
Habitat – Garden/ Urban/ Wild / Type – Wild

Yes Alysicarpus species, pls provide leaves or fruit photos for species level id..



WIld flower for ID (06/11/2011- NSJ-02): A wild flower (Looks like fabaceae sp) for ID
photo taken at Satara last week
Habitat wild (Herb) height around 30 cm

Looks like Alysicarpus.

… species of Indigofera ?

May be Indigofera linnaei

to me it look like Alyscicarpus sp. (just a guess),, it may be Indigofera

I will go with … it looks more related to Alysicarpus.

I too go for alysicarpus… the leaves look simple and i doubt if indigoferas have simple leaves.



Dear members,: Requesting for id taken at matheran 8/8/2012

This is a species of Alysicarpus.



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