Andrographis echioides (L.f.) NeesPl. Asiat. Rar. 3: 117 1832 (syn. Eriathera lobelioides Nees; Indoneesiella echioides ( L. ) Sreemadh.);
False Waterwillow • Gujarati: Kalukariyatun • Malayalam: Pitumba • Marathi: Ranchimani • Oriya: lavalata • Tamil: Gopuram tangi; 

Images by J.M.Garg, Identified/ Validated by Nayan Singh, Satish Phadke & Satish Pardeshi (Inserted
by J.M.Garg)



on 12/9/09 in Hyderabad;  reserve forest (Nanmangalam) in Chennai- Nov.’09?; 10.9.2009- At- Viratnagar(Jaipur); 18.8.10- Khandala ,near khambataki ghat ,pune satara highway; White & Purple Coloured Flowers – indiantreepix | Google Groups Wild Herb for Id- 210909Jm1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups Indoneesella echioides – efloraofindia | Google Groups ID please – efloraofindia | Google Groups



Indoneesiella echioides from Morni Hills Haryana: Here is another plant from Morni Hills of Haryana Siwaliks.
Andrographis echioides syn. Indoneesiella echioides.  

Andrographis echioides (L.) Nees is the name from GRIN and the Indoneesiella echioides is a synonym
Attaching my pictures.


Andrographis echioides – from Mammalapuram: Andrographis echioidesAcanthaceae from Mammalapuram
Pl. validate

I think I have seen the plant without flowers when I visited Mammalapuram last year.

Thanks for the flowering plant pictures.
Without flowers it was giving an appearance of species of Leucas!

Yes, nice pics of Andrographis echioides



ID : KD species from Guwahati.:   Please ID for this sp.
Date :08/11/12
Location: Rani[Dist- Kamrup(Metro)]
Habitat: Grows on side of the railway line
Habit : Herb
Flower : Not seen

It is Indoneesiella echioides of Acanthaceae.



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Id please
A herb at Hampi,Karnatak
stem quadrangular
06 Oct,2013

Could this be some Andrographis sp??

Nice pictures of Andrographis echioides (= Indoneesiella echioides)!

It is a white flowered form of A. echioides


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Andrographis echioides (L.) Nees,
erect weed in rainfed cultivation, on the railway tracks.




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Andrographis echioides photographed at Mahabalipuram (Aug 12)


This hirsure-glandular herb is occasional at shady localities of Morni Hills in Haryana..
Andrographis echioides .. 

Thank you for showing this species … It is known to occur here in Uttarakhand but I am yet to see it.




Attached images are Andrographis echioides (L.f.) Nees from Assam



Andrographis echiodes in the wild, roadsides, sandy areas, outskirts of Chennai. 
Photo taken Oct 2012.

I need literature of Andrographis echioides (L.) NeesHope anyone can help me.


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