an-droh-GRAF-iss — Greek: andros (male) and graphis (brush, pencil) – refers to filaments … Dave’s Botanary
pan-ick-yoo-LAY-tuh or pan-ick-yoo-LAH-tuh — referring to the flower clusters (panicles) … Dave’s Botanary 

commonly known as: creat, green chirayta, Indian echinacea, king of bittersAssamese: কালমেঘ kalmegh, মহা-তিতা moha-tita, চিৰতা sirotaBengali: কালমেঘ kalmeghDogri: काला चिर्यात kala chiryata, किर्यात kiryataGujarati: કરિયાતું kariyatuHindi: हरा चिरायता hara chirayata, कालमेघ kalmegh, कल्पनाथ kalpanath, किरयित् kirayit, महातीता mahatitaKachchhi: નીલો કિરિયાતો nilo kiriyatoKannada: ನೆಲಬೇವು nelabevuKonkani: व्हडलें किरायतें vhadlem kiraytemMalayalam: കിരിയാത്ത kiriyatta, നിലവേപ്പ് nilaveppManipuri: ৱুবতী vubatiMarathi: कालमेघ kalamegha, कल्प kalpa, ओले किरायत ole kirayat, पाले किरायत paale kirayatMizo: hnakhapuiNepali: अंकुरि फुल ankuri phul, कालमेघ kalamegha, कलपनाथ kalapnathOriya: ଭଦ୍ରତିକ୍ତା bhadratikta, ଭୁଇଁ ନିମ୍ବ bhui nimba, ହୈମ haima, ଶଙ୍ଖିନୀ shankhini, ଶ୍ବେତ ବୁହ୍ନା shweta buhna, ସ୍ଥୂଳପୁଷ୍ପୀ sthulapushpiPunjabi: ਚਰੈਤਾ charaitaSanskrit: भूनिम्ब bhunimba, कालमेघ kalamegha, महातिक्ता mahatikta, यवतिक्ता yavatiktaTamil: நிலவேம்பு nilavempuTelugu: నేలవేము nelavemuTulu: ಕಿರಾತಕಡ್ಡಿ kirathakaddi


Acanthaceae Week: Kariyat Andrographis paniculata – As daintly as they come…: As daintly as they come … Andrographis paniculata Acanthaceae
Native Herb
Mamandur, Andhra Pradesh
19th Jan 2011

Yes.  Andrographis paniculata. Tamil, Nilavembu, Sirunangai, Siriyanangai. Kannada, Nelaberu.  Used in traditional Siddha and Ayurvedic systems of medicine as well as in tribal medicine in India and some other countries. Also supposed to be a repellent for snakes (not substantiated by facts).  I have these plants in my house.




Flora of haryana- Andrographis Paniculata from Herbal park yamunanagar:

Andrographis Paniculata
from herbal Garden Yamunanagar
Family Acanthaceae
Local name- kalmegh

Andrographis Paniculata for sure. I have this plant in my house garden. This is a very common plant (wild) in Chennai. Though it is not proved people believe that the plant is a repellent for snakes ! Many people plant this species for this purpose only in Chennai.

Attached 2 close ups of flowers of Andrographis paniculata of Acanthaceae family. Though it is not proved that Andrographis paniculata repels snakes, it is used widely in different medicines such as antihepatotoxic, antibiotic, antimalarial, antihepatitic, antithrombogenic, antiinflammatory, etc.

vow! good then i shall also be planting this in and near my home

More pics from same place



efloraindia: 281011 BRS 87:  

Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. request.
Date: 25.10.2011, Peelamedu. Coimbatore Dist.
(From a House Garden)
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb/shrub
Flowering was notice during the month of Sep. to Oct.2011.

Yes I agree to Andrographis paniculata.
Initially I got confused with Indoneesiella echioides which is close to this.
In fact the key separates these two plants by Capsules and seeds
Indoneesiella : Capsule ovoid; seeds 4
Andrographis : Capsule otherwise; Seeds 8-14





Is this Andrographis paniculata ? – Flora of Madhya Pradesh:  Photographed this small herb in d jungle near Betul,MP. The Jungle is locally called as “Chikhral ka jungle”.
Dated- 15th Dec 11.
Looks lik Andrographis paniculata / Kirayat.
Plz confirm.

Yes it is Andrographis paniculata 🙂

Affirmative. My photographs for comparison are available at this link 

The flower is quite specific as is the inflorescence branching pattern…to me it looks like a chandelier… I had even made a framed “picture” from one plants’ herbarium sheet as artwork…

Ayurveduic name is Kalmegh, yavatikta, Svetatikta, kalapanatha….FOR ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA…..
whereas Kirata, kirayata is chiretta in colloqiual, and binomial is Swertia chirata
different plants, different families….

yes, an medicinal plant, leaves very bitter to taste,



Andrographis panicluata: Andrographis panicluata
Marathi: Oli-kiryata,
At Nagzira,Maharashtra
8 Jan,2012

Beautiful Closeup 




andrographis paniculata: andrographis paniculata

near a paddy field in goa




Hooghly Today : Andrographis paniculata Nees:  In “Bengal Plants” it is Andrographis paniculata Nees; F. B. I. iv. 501; E. D. A. 1024. Justicia paniculata F. I. i, 117.

In Bengali it is KALMEGH (কালমেঘ) and also MAHATITA (মহাতিতা).

In Assamese & Bengali ‘Andrographis paniculata’ is also termed as “Chiraita” (ecrta). Please confirm. 

In “Bengal Plants” and in “Hortus Suburbanus Calcuttensis” the Bengali names of this plant have been mentioned as KALMEGH (KAALMEGH) and MAHATITA (MAHAATITAA). The entries can be found at link.
The CHIRETA is Swertia sp.,
1) S. affinis Clarke in Bengal Plants and
2) S. cheyrata Buch in “Hortus Suburbanus Calcuttensis”.



29012013 BRS 446:  Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. confirmation.
Location: Pichandikulam, Vilupuram dist.,
Date: 29.01.2013
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb

Andrographis paniculata, Acanthaceae 🙂

Andrographis sps

Andrographis paniculata





Andrographis paniculata (Family: Acanthaceae) Hooghly, WB : Attachments (6).  

I attach images of what we call KALMEGH in Bengali.
In my childhood my mother used to force me gulp its bitter tasted leaves extract, once in a week, in order to keep me healthy!
Species : Andrographis paniculata
Type : wild herb
Date : 28-Feb-2012, 8.16 a.m. & 23-Jan-2012, 9.55 a.m.
Place : Hooghly, WB

Yes …, Nice pics…important medicinal plant.

Thank you Sir for confirming the ID. I have read that it is good for liver.

yes Kalmegh
my mom used to make bari from five leaves for each child…. we had to take it once a day for five days at beginning to monsoon, kept the krimi away…
now I know its also good for the liver health..

Yes, Madam, my mom also used to say that it was good for liver as well as for pinworm.

Yes, It is used in many liver-tonics by Ayurvedic firms.

Thank you Madam for the feedback. Today, in this era of nuclear family, most of us are missing our granny’s wisdom that would have saved us much money with homemade remedies for some minor ailments.

12062013 ASP 47 : Attachments (1).  3 posts by 2 authors.

Can you please ID this small herb with fruits found in a herbal garden in Sri Lanka. Photo was taken in Dec 2012 

Andrographis paniculata of Acanthaceae.


FJ 18 061113 : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.

Please ID this small herbaceous medicinal plant. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Sep 2012.

Andrographis paniculata.


SYMBIOSIS : 464 : Attachments (1). 1 post by 1 author.

Attaching an image of Striped Albatross (Female) on the flower of Andrographis paniculata (KALMEGH).

Plant Identification :  2 posts by 2 authors. 1 image.

May some one please identify this weed. It grows every year on the roots of Areca palm in a garden. I could not see it elsewhere so far.

This is our well known medicinal herb Kalmeg (Andrographis paniculata), Fam: Acanthaceae,

it is a very bitter immunostimulant, antipyretic herb, it will control cold, fever, diabetes etc.

Yes, rightly identified as Andrographis paniculata….


Herb for ID – Srisailam Forest – 04022014-NAW2 :  Attachments (4). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Kindly identify this herb. photographed in the Srisailam Tiger/ Wildlife Reserve, Andhra Pradesh on the 2nd Feb 2014.
Sparsely leafed herb about 30 cm tall (no pictures). Minute white flower with deep red streaks, about 5-6 mm. seed pod 1 cm length standing erect.

Seems to be Andrographis species….could be A. paniculata.

Andrographis paniculata

Supporting to …


Requesting to please ID this plant captured in MNP, Mumbai in Apr 2014.

Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees [Acanthaceae]. A common medicinal plant.


ID REQUEST 06092014 PTR1 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).
Date/Time-:22/08/14 – 09:30
Location- Place, Altitude – Kaiga , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- wild
Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Herb
Length- 12cm

Check for Andrographis paniculata.

I too agree with …




Acanthaceae Fortnight :: Andrographis paniculata :: Halabhavi :: DVMAR02/13 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 7 images. Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees

at Halabhavi, Karnataka on October 15, 2011  

very nice
i have two growing in my curry patta planter gift of bird doo mostly the little house sparrows..

I love the candelabra like inflorescence

never tire of looking at them



Acanthaceae Fortnight: Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees from Assam-KD 08 Mar 2015 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4) 

Attached images are Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees. from Assam



Acanthaceae fortnight 04 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees, highly used bitter medicinal herb, often cultivated near houses in order to control snakes, used to control all type of fevers, liver infections and diabetes.

Very beautiful pic




ACANTHACEAE FORTNIGHT:: from Panipat::NS MARCH 24/24 : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (5)
This is planted in various herbal gardens, present shots from Panipat…
The “Kaalmegh“- Andrographis paniculata ..

Please read Subject Line as “ACANTHCEAE FORTNIGHT:: Andrographis paniculata from Panipat:: NS March 24/24


Attached are pictures of Andrographis paniculata captured at MNP in April 2014.
Was posted on the forum earlier and identified.

Flora of Kaiga_Sharing_11092015 PK1 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)
Andrographis paniculata _ King of bitters is native to India,
It’s use in traditional medicine is commendable one among is the immunity strengthening property of this plant is the most beneficial to mankind.
Date/Time-:05/09/2014   –    09:30,
Location- Place, Altitude – Kaiga , Uttar Kannada ,Karnataka, 380 mtrs
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-   Wild
Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Herb – Shrub

Images by tspkumar


TSP-MAY2016-35-363:Images of Andrographis paniculata (Acanthaceae) : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

It is my pleasure to present a few images of Andrographis paniculata  (Acanthaceae 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Wild, Dry deciduous forest 

Sighting: Devarayanadurga and Siddarabetta, Tumkur, Karnataka, about 900 msl. 

Date: 29-06-2014 and 29-07-2014

very nice. i have yet to find a ripe fruit that has not popped open. this herb very often volunteers in my balcony plant pots. yet i miss their maturing. well one of these days i can film its popping open with the slightes touch

This one is reckoned as ‘mother of all bitters’…. Athipashaana…! Locally called Nelabevu and Kiraat-Kaddi

nice capture of immensely important medicinal herb in MAPs trade.


via Species‎ > ‎A‎ > Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees … family: Acanthaceae
Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
an-droh-GRAF-iss — Greek: andros (male) and graphis (brush, pencil) – refers to filaments … Dave’s Botanary
pan-ick-yoo-LAY-tuh or pan-ick-yoo-LAH-tuh — referring to the flower clusters (panicles) … Dave’s Botanary 
commonly known ascreatgreen chiraytaIndian echinaceaking of bitters • Assameseকালমেঘ kalmeghমহা-তিতা moha-titaচিৰতা sirota • Bengaliকালমেঘ kalmegh •Dogriकाला चिर्यात kala chiryataकिर्यात kiryata • Gujaratiકરિયાતું kariyatu • Hindiहरा चिरायता hara chirayataकालमेघ kalmeghकल्पनाथ kalpanathकिरयित् kirayitमहातीता mahatita • Kannadaನೆಲಬೇವು nelabevu • Konkaniव्हडलें किरायतें vhadlem kiraytem • Malayalamകിരിയാത്ത kiriyattaനിലവേപ്പ് nilavepp • Manipuriৱুবতী vubati •Marathiकालमेघ kalameghaकल्प kalpaओले किरायत ole kirayatपाले किरायत paale kirayat • Mizohnakhapui • Nepaliअंकुरि फुल ankuri phulकालमेघ kalameghaकलपनाथ kalapnath • Oriyaଭଦ୍ରତିକ୍ତା bhadratiktaଭୁଇଁ ନିମ୍ବ bhui nimbaହୈମ haimaଶଙ୍ଖିନୀ shankhiniଶ୍ବେତ ବୁହ୍ନା shweta buhnaସ୍ଥୂଳପୁଷ୍ପୀ sthulapushpi • Punjabiਚਰੈਤਾ charaita • Sanskrit:भूनिम्ब bhunimbaकालमेघ kalameghaमहातिक्ता mahatiktaयवतिक्ता yavatikta • Tamilநிலவேம்பு nilavempu • Teluguనేలవేము nelavemu 
botanical namesAndrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Nees … synonymJusticia paniculata Burm. f. (basionym) … NPGS / GRIN 
October 15, 2011 … Halabhavi, Karnataka 

Thank you so much …!
It is very good for liver problems, diabetes. There use to be one Ayurvedic medicine made up of this plant, called Bhunimba Kadha, which people use to take for stomach, liver disorders.

Images by J.M.Garg



Andrographis paniculata :: Puducherry :: 16 OCT 19 : 8 posts by 4 authors. 5 images.
Puducherry  near sea coast

Date: October 16, 2019 … Altitude range: about 0 – 3 m (0 – 10 feet) asl

Andrographis paniculata  (Burm.f.) Nees 


Thanks, … To me also appears close to images at Andrographis paniculata as per comparative images at Andrographis

References: (Author citation different from The Plant List)

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