India to Myanmar, S. Sri Lanka as per WCSP;

07102011-BS-3 Aquatic herb from Amin (Kurukshetra) Haryana- May be a new record: Aquatic herb from Amin (Kurukshetra) Haryana (260 CM)
This wild, small, about 20-25 CM aquatic herb with floating simple leaves were observed yesterday
The inflorescence spike was 20-25 CM with flowers at tip
To me it looks like any pontederaceae member
pls id 

This seems to be some Aponogeton species. A very interesting genus. 

It is not Potamogeton… because…it is Aponogeton 🙂
Pl see some of the P. pics in this link: 

Aponogeton: perianth 1-3, white membranous, stamens 6 or more
Potamogeton: perianth 4, green, herbaceous, stamens 4, opposite

I was just typing the same (from FBI), but you were quicker.
…, the leaf shape, colour and length of inflorescence are useful in distinguishing Aponogeton.
The tuber (or rhizome) is used as vegetable in TN, and sold in veg. markets.
Tamil name: ‘Kotti vitlaan kizhangu’ (i have tasted it, too !!)

Now got full id
Aponogeton natans not a new record already reported from Haryana


Chingleput flora 170913 TBN 1 Aponogeton ? bruggenii for validation :  Attachments (4). 7 posts by 3 authors. Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:

Date           :   04.01.13                                                           
Location     :Ponnur lake, near Wandawasi, Chingleput dt, Tamilnadu
Altitude      :less than 500 ft
Habitat        :wild,
Habit           :Aquatic herb
Height         :less than a foot
Leaves         :ovate elliptic
Flowers       :as shown
Fruits           :not seen, 

Aponogeton satarensis

I feel this may not be Aponogeton satarensis which is supposed to have a ‘Y’ shape as shown in Kaas week.

This is Aponogeton natans (L.) Engler called கொட்டிகிழங்கு  in Tamil; the tubers are edible.

Thanks. How do you differentiate it from Aponogeton brugenii ?

efi pages on Aponogeton natans & Aponogeton bruggenii 

“It was reported from the type locality, Nerurpar which is about 9 km west of Kudal in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state. Apart from type locality, it has also been collected from Sathose near Savantwadi in Sindhudurg district (Gaikwad et al. 2003).” 
In view we can take it as Aponogeton natans untill some other facts come into picture.

Thanks for the clarification.
The leaf in TBN 1 d does not look lance shaped or linear; looks ovate, resembling the ovate leaves of bruggenii; TBN 1 b looks more linear.  Hence the confusion.
If possible, I shall collect once again and take measurements. 

On 18/10/08 in Narshapur forest near Hyderabad, AP.

Aponogeton: very typical inflo and leaves (A. nutans?- pl check local flora)

Thanks, …
On checking with Flora of Andhra Pradesh at, I got this species Aponogeton natans syn. Aponogeton monostachyon & Saururus natans, with picture at Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary (which matches with my posted pictures): (details about Aponogetons including Aponogeton natans),  



Taken at a pond in Peradeniya Gardens, Kandy, Sri Lanka on the 17th of November, 2010.

Aponogeton natans!



Fwd: Presence of Aponogeton natans ( L.)Engl.& K.Krause : 5 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2) – 1 & 4 mb.
On 15/09/2019, visited village Jhinti Sasan, dist- Khurda, Odisha, found the herb in a moist & semi- shaded backyard adjacent to ricefield with leaves cut, solitary spadix, beautiful purplish coloured spathe, both measuring to 10 inches & it has been found to be Aponogeton natans,

Attachments (1) – 3 mb.

Attachments (1) – 5 mb.

Attachments (1) – 4 mb.

Attachments (1) – 5 mb.



12122019EPT43 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)- around 650 kb each. 
presenting for ID
short plants in small groups in a shallow roadside pond.

? Pontederia sp.
Location : Chennai outskirts
Date :11.12.2019
Elevation : 30 mts.

agree with …

Pl. check comparative images at the given link. 

Only two species are listed in Tamilnadu in Flora of Peninsular India

Aponogeton echinatus (A.P., Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra & Tamilnadu)
Aponogeton natans (A.P., Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha & Tamilnadu)