Ariopsis peltata Nimmo, Cat. Pl. Bombay 252 1839. ;
Remusatia, Hitchhiker Elephant Ear, Shield Leaf Ariopsis • Marathi: Kadaktheri, Kadaktriri, Rukhalu; 

Ariopsis peltata efi thread: 2 images.
Flower of Ariopsis peltata Nagmani
tuberous herb, photographed at Phansad WLS,Maharashtra


Names of Plants in India :: Ariopsis peltata :: smallest aroid in India: Ariopsis peltata

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commonly known as: shield leaf ariopsis • Marathi: खडकतेरी khadakteri, नागमणी nagamani
botanical names: Ariopsis peltata Nimmo
any help here?
This plant is known to be distributed in n-e India (Sikkim and Assam) … please help with regional names.


please id the herb:  please help in id the herb. information as following.
Habit Herb
Habitat wild
Height 12-14 cm

size of inforesence- about 1 cm


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Seen this small lithophytic herb on the rock walls near “Ganapati Garad Caves” (Murbad, Maharashtra).
Bot. name: Ariopsis peltata
Family: Araceae
Date/Time: 21-07-2013 / 11:50AM
Habitat: Wild

lovely image, has been in my wishlist. thanks sharing sir.


Came across this small herb at Yeoor hills, Thane.
Bot. name: Ariopsis peltata
Family: Araceae
Date/Time: 26-06-2010/ 08:30AM
Location:  Yeoor hills, Thane

Really very beautiful herb, thanks … for showing..


Ariopsis peltata- 260610-PKA1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups

ID KANNUR 36 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Please identify this herb from Kannur District of Kerala. Probably Ariopsis..

Pl. check with comparative images at Ariopsis

I think Ariopsis peltata Nimmo as per images and details herein.





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