Asystasia mysorensis (Roth) T.Anderson, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 9: 524 1867. (syn. Adhatoda rostellaria var. humilis Nees; Adhatoda rostrata Hochst. ex Oliv.; Asystasia lawiana Dalz.; Asystasia rostrata Solms ex Lindau; Asystasia schimperi T.Anderson; Asystasia schimperi var. grantii C.B.Clarke; Ruellia mysorensis RothStrobilanthes mysurensis (Roth) Nees);
South Africa (Limpopo, North-West Prov., Gauteng, Mpulamanga, KwaZulu-Natal),
Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia,
D.R. Congo (Zaire), Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Yemen,
peninsular India
as per Catalogue of Life;



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Came across this small erect herb at “Chandan-Vandan Fort” in Satara region.
Bot. name: Asystasia mysurensis (Syn.: Asystasia lawiana)
Family: Acanthaceae


Posted earlier, identified by …

well, but for me i need a better face of a flower

not a botanist like these guys

do you have one?

I would have been happy to share if I had more close up pictures …

Have this one taken earlier. Attachments (1)




Pench Tiger Reserve Seoni- Sept’09?; on 11/10/09 in Ananthagiri HIll forest, in Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh; Pune Oct 09;  Fower for ID from Pench – indiantreepix | Google Groups PlANT FOR ID 150 SMP OCT 09 Acanthaceae – indiantreepix | Google Groups



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Found by the roadside growing wild at Nasik, Maharashtra on the 24th of Sept, 2010.
Very tiny white flower…. a single flower seen by me.

Even i have same plant specimen and need to check with some of herbarium.. once i get the name will inform you..

Please check it for Asystasia mysorensis

Thanks a lot for the id….. I checked on google, it seems to be the right plant.



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A wild plant seen in Nasik on 19/9/2011 with a tiny white flower.

Id please.

I go for Asystasia mysorensis (Roth) T.Anderson

Thanks for the id.
I recollect to having posted this species earlier on our group and was identified by …

Yes Asystasia mysorensis.

I do remember your earlier post.

I remembered it later, after … identified it. Surprisingly, there are only these two posts in eflora.