Phacelurus latifolius (Steud.) Ohwi, Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 4: 59 1935. (syn: Ischaemum latifolium (Steud.) Miq., nom. illeg.; Manisuris latifolia (Steud.) Kuntze; Manisuris latifolia var. foliata (Steud.) Honda; Phacelurus angustifolius (Debeaux) Nakai; Phacelurus latifolius var. angustifolius (Debeaux) Keng; Phacelurus latifolius f. angustifolius (Debeaux) Kitag.; Phacelurus latifolius var. monostachys Keng f. ex S.L.Chen; Pseudophacelurus latifolius (Steud.) A.Camus; Rottboellia foliata Steud.; Rottboellia foliosa Miq., orth. var.; Rottboellia latifolia Steud.; Rottboellia latifolia var. angustifolia Debeaux);
N. & E. China to Korea, Japan as per POWO;

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This one was shot from Chakrata area in September help requested…

it seems to be Arthraxon lanceolatus (Roxb.) Hochst. var. echinatus (Stapf) Welzen to be. ???? I need spikelets for conformation

Phacelurus latifolius

I do not find distribution of Phacelurus latifolius (Steud.) Ohwi in India as per POWO and CoL

Can it be Phacelurus speciosus as per images and details herein ?

Both species are found in Himalayas. Lot of variations also. Probably P.latifolia was misidentified as P.speciosa earlier and hence not yet reported. It is worth reporting as a new record for India. P.speciosus is more common in chakrata-deoban and also at mussorie-Dhanaulti and many other places between 2000-3000m altitudes. P.latifolia is rather uncommon here.