Bromus hordeaceus L., Sp. Pl. 77 1753. (syn: Avena mollis (L.) Salisb.; Bromus affinis (Dumort.) B.D.Jacks.; Bromus arenarius Thom.-Desm. [Illegitimate]; Bromus atticus Steud. ex Nyman [Invalid]; Bromus baumgartenii Steud.; Bromus braunii Sennen & Mauricio [Invalid]; Bromus compactus Steud.; Bromus confertus Boreau [Illegitimate]; Bromus coytaei Curtis; Bromus demissus Porta; Bromus ferronii Mabille; Bromus glomeratus Tausch [Illegitimate]; Bromus hordeaceus var. compactus (Bréb.) Lesd. …………………………..; Bromus intermedius subsp. divaricatus Bonnier & Layens; Bromus × jansenii A.Camus; Bromus javorkae Pénzes; Bromus leptostachys (Pers.) Fouill. ex de Lesd. ..; Bromus lloydianus (Gren. & Godr.) Nyman; Bromus megapotamicus Spreng.; Bromus molliformis J.Lloyd; Bromus mollis L. ……………………………..; Bromus mutabilis var. hordeaceus F.W.Schultz; Bromus nanus Weigel; Bromus pratensis var. simplex (Gaudin) Fr.; Bromus secalinus var. hordeaceus (L.) Huds.; Bromus segetalis var. hordeaceus (L.) Döll; Bromus simplicissimus Ces. [Invalid]; Bromus thominii Ard. ex Nyman; Bromus tunetanus Hack. ex Trab.; Bromus velutinus H.C.Watson [Illegitimate]; Forasaccus mollis (L.) Bubani; Serrafalcus ferronii (Mabille) Rouy; Serrafalcus hordeaceus (L.) Godr.; Serrafalcus lloydianus Godr.; Serrafalcus molliformis (J.Lloyd) F.W.Schultz; Serrafalcus mollis (L.) Parl. ..; Serrafalcus pauciflorus Lojac. [Invalid]; Serrafalcus rigens Samp.; Serrafalcus siculus Lojac.; Serrafalcus thominii (Nyman) Stapf; Serrafalcus tinei Lojac.);







Bromus hordeaceus L. from Baramulla, Kashmir: Bromus hordeaceus L., Sp. Pl. 1:77. 1753.

Syn: Bromus mollis L.; B. secalinus L. var.hordeaceus (L.) L.

Common names: barley brome, common soft brome, soft chess

Usually annual grass with ascending stems up to 80 cm tall; leaf sheath pubescent; leaves linear up to 20 cm long, 3-6 mm broad, pubescent on both surfaces, ligule 1 mm; spikelets 12-20 mm long, on short stalks, forming dense panicle, usually erect, 6-12 flowered; glumes unequal: lower 4-5 mm long, upper 5-8 mm long; lemmas 8-11 mm long, hardly 2 mm in side view, elliptic with hyaline margin; awn 5-10 mm long from just below the tip.

Photographed from Baramulla, Kashmir.

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Bromus hordeaceus Linn., Sp. Pl. 1:77. 1753. (syn: B. mollis L.)

Photographed from Baramula, Kashmir in June, 2010, growing in wastelands and road sides.



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