Bromus tectorum L., Sp. Pl. 77 1753. (Syn: Anisantha pontica K.Koch; Anisantha tectorum (L.) Nevski; Anisantha tectorum var. hirsuta (Regel) Tzvelev; Bromus abortiflorus St.-Amans; Bromus australis R.Br.; Bromus avenaceus Lam.; Bromus dumetorum Lam.; Bromus lateripronus St.-Lag. [Illegitimate]; Bromus longipilus Kumm. & Sendtn.; Bromus madritensis var. caucasica Hack.; Bromus mairei Hack. ex Hand.-Mazz.; Bromus mairei Sennen & Mauricio [Illegitimate]; Bromus nutans St.-Lag.; Bromus scabriflorus Opiz; Bromus setaceus Buckley; Bromus sterilis Láng ex Kumm. & Sendtn. [Invalid] …; Bromus tectorius Dulac [Illegitimate]; Bromus tectorum subsp. abortiflorus (St.-Amans) K.Richt. ………………………………………; Festuca tectorum Jess.; Genea tectorum (L.) Dumort.; Schedonorus tectorum (L.) Fr.; Zerna mairei (Hack.) Henrard; Zerna tectorum (L.) Panz.; Zerna tectorum (L.) Panz. ex B.D. Jacks.; Zerna tectorum (L.) Lindm.); 



Bromus tectorum L. from Kashmir: Bromus tectorum L., Sp. Pl. 1:77. 1753

Common names: Cheatgrass, downy brome, downy chess, drooping brome
Annual grass usually less than 60 cm tall, usually with 4 to 4 nodes; leaf blades up to 20 cm long, 2-4 mm broad, pubescenct ; sheaths pubescent; spikelets narrowly wedge-shaped, 15-35 mm long, in a spreading panicle bearing 3-5 branches at each node; florets 4-8; lower glume 8-15 mm long, upper 11-17 mm long; lemmas linear, 10-20 mm long, barely 1-1.5 mm in side view, margin hyaline, gaping in mature spikelets; awn 12-40 mm long.



NSD – 1, June 2018, Bromus diandrus Roth for validation : 8 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)- 2 MB.
I think this plant is Bromus diandrus Roth 
Family: Poaceae
Please validate….
Kelong, H.P. India.
13 June 2018

Thanks, …, for the id.
To me also appear close to images at Bromus tectorum

Yes. Bromus tectorum 


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