Iron Wood, Leopard Tree, Brazilian Ironwood; 


Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) – Bangalore – Peltophorum laevis – Peltophorum Laevis Tree:

I think there is some confusion which needs to be resolved. There seems to be no recognised name as Peltophorum laevis (or laevi) in established databases like IPNI, GRIN, The Plant List, etc.
Although there is mention of these names on the net, but nothing to substantiate.

The name plate in Lalbagh, Bangalore says so.
I don’t know any other name for it

it look like Caesalpinia ferrea, photo of … ke on Fotostream is also the same and named as Peltophorum linnaei,,

Many thanks … for pointing out possibility of my plant from VJBU being Caesalpinia ferrea.
There is only one tree of Peltophorum linnaei in VJBU … if you would know of its location, please let me know.
It will help me in believing my plant to be OR not to be Peltophorum linnaei.

Thanks … for confiming it.
Flowers of India
Its also in Pradip Kishen’s book.

there is no Peltophorum linnaei in VJBU i guess, it may be planted in earlier days and wrongly identified by many people looking earlier list of trees in Rani baug,, one huge tree just behind the canteen is Peltophorum species, but have not seen it in flowering, but even that tree look similar to P. pterocarpum,, no doubt your tree on fotostream is Caesalpinia ferrea,, i guess you have many photographic book, check it in Trees of Delhi for your tree confirmation..

…, many thanks for having no doubt about my plant being Caesalpinia ferrea C.Mart.
The Trees of Delhi as well as Flowers of India show and describe very well about C. ferrea, and my plant from VJBU must be it.
There is hardly any site on internet giving description (or pictures) of Peltophotum linnaei Benth. (syn. of Caesalpinia violacea (Mill.) Standl.)
… except one at http://chalk.richmond.edu/flora-kaxil-kiuic/c/caesalpinia_violacea.html
The additional pictures of leaves are a good help in distinguishing difference between P. linnaei and C. ferrea.


Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae – Brazilian Ironwood – 091211 – RK3:
Caesalpinia ferrea. Pics taken on 14-06-09 at 8.30am in Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore.

very nice, esp the trunk with green bark showing where the skin pealed off…

But see how it has been mistreated !! I wish youngsters wouldn’t use these beautiful trees to make their declarations:(

Very good pictures of Caesalpinia ferrea. Especially the stem.
One interesting fact about this tree : The stem gives branches which often unite again which is a rare thing in other trees.

Thank you so much … for this interesting piece of information about this tree.
I found the following very interesting Research communication on the same topic
Branch-branch connections in trees analogus to hyphal fusions in fungal colonies

From this research paper I also understood why it is called Leopard tree because when its thin bark is shed off at places, the undetached brown pieces on smooth, whitish bole appear as spots as in a leopard body. … let us hope one day the tree will develop some chemicals or thorns to ward off the youngsters from mistreating it:):). I also liked the ‘talking trees’ concept


Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) Week: Caesalpinia ferrea Pune and Kolkata:
Caesalpinia ferrea
Images 1 and 2 are from Botanical garden Kolkata.
Other two are from Botanical garden Pune. Aundh.


Tree for ID – 150514 – RK : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2).
Request ID of this tree- Lalbagh, Bangalore – 13/05/2014.

Some kind of Cassia sp., Fabaceae  I think

Suggest Peltophorum pterocarpum of Caesalpiniaceae.

Looks like Caesalpinia ferrea to me.

…, yes- I checked on FOI. … had also id’d it on ITP when I had sent different pictures of the same tree quite some time back. Thank you.

Do you have picture of its characteristic pale variegated bark. The branches also rejoin sometimes after dividing: Very interesting to watch. You can check for this.

Thank you so much for this information.Will look out for for a dividing branch that  rejoins.How interesting!! Will tell the others in my group – as well as take pics if I spot this 🙂
Here is an INW picture of the bark taken some time back


[efloraofindia:35861] DV – 22MAY10 – 1116 :: pretty Cassia : Attachments (5). 9 posts by 5 authors. 

ID please.
Visited this tree the second time, first was 17 Aug’ 08 … … 2771322793_ed2dc134bb_b.jpg
Both occasions, missed on flowering / fruiting.
Moderate sized tree, with long, drooping, delicate branches, … equally elegant twice-pinnate leaves, arranged alternately along the slightly zig-zagged slender branch, just as much thick as the leaf rachis.
Date/Time : May 22, 2010 at 11.16am IST
Location Place : Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan (in the large garden near main gate)
Altitude : 9 m
GPS : 18°58’42.03″N, 72°50’4.69″E
Habitat : garden
Type : …
: tree
Height : about 40 m (not sure)
Length : – not a climber –

: bipinnately compound, alternately arranged.
Shape (leaflets) : oblong (please validate by referring shape in photo)
Size (leaflets) : about 2 cm x 1 cm

Can this be Senna bicillaris which I head have such branches when young, but have never seen it.

I don’t believe that this is a Cassia species, as all, I believe, have only simply compound leaves.
I do not, however, know what it is.

Many many thanks …, for ruling out Cassia, one step towards ID.

Yes Kenneth is right, Cassia does not have bipinnate leaves. From appearance of leaves it looks like Adenanthera sp.

I just found out. Adenanthera pavonia does have zigzag branches.

… the leaflets in Adenanthera are alternately arranged.
Top tropicals
one of my view: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dinesh_valke/2098323276

… commented in Google Buzz, this plant to be Peltophorum linnaei.
Am sure it must be so. Please comment if otherwise.

Thanks very much … for updating this post by pointing to the ID (clarified in another post). Notes in flickr is already updated.


Peltophorum linnaei¿ Griseb OR Benth ?HELP (to me seems: Benth.)
This plant earlier discussed at efi thread
pel-TOH-for-um — from the Greek pelte (shield) and phoreo (to bear), referring to the shape of the stigma
¿ lin-ee-AY-eye ? — named for Carl von Linné, 18th century Swedish botanist often referred to as the Father of Taxonomy

Aug 17, 2008 … at Veermata Jeejabai Bhosale Udyan, Mumbai
more views: May 22, 2010 … at Veermata Jeejabai Bhosale Udyan, Mumbai

I chanced upon this comment on page 59 of Revised Handbook to the Flora of Ceylone, Vol VII
Peltophorum linnaei Benth. …..was included by Macmillan Trop. Pl. & Gard. ed. 5, 215, 1962 in the list of “important timbers and cabinet woods of tropics” Presumably he was referring to the species cited earlier in his treatment as Caesalpinia punctata Willd. my material at PDA should be checked for correct identification. Some specimens referred to P. linnaei are of another species, also known as Caesalpinia violacea (Mill.) Standl.
Interesting to know that according to The Plant List P. linnaei Benth. is the synonym of Caesalpinia violacea (Mill.) Standl.
Here are some links
I still have the feeling that your plant is Adenanthera as suggested in that thread. Please check for flowers and fruits on the tree.

Many many thanks … for checking on Peltophorum linnaei.
I was thinking about Peltophorum linnaei Benth. … syn. of Caesalpinia violacea (Mill.) Standl.
But … comment in … post at efi thread has helped resolve the ambiguity.
Lot of thanks to … for this ID: Caesalpinia ferrea C.Mart.

Yes it does appear tobe Caesalpinia ferrea. Your post doesn’t somehow show the variegated stem similar to sort of Guava tree.

Yes, Caesalpinia ferrea
Trunk here: (at Los Angeles Arboretum, California, US


ID request- 31032012-PKA2:
Came across this tree at a park in “T-Nagar, Chennai”. It was dark when i had spotted this tree.
Date/Time: 03-03-2012 / 19:45 hrs
Location: T-Nagar, Chennai

Habitat: Garden
Plant habit: Tree (almost 6 to 7 m tall).

The shrub is reminiscent of some Caesalpinia species but the stamens are rather short. Certainly Caesalpiniae.

Could this be a species of Caesalpinia possibly Caesalpinia ferrea. I am unable to confirm as the flower structure need to be checked as the individual flowers are not seen very clearly. Furthermore, if it is C.f. the bark is very very unique.
In which park in T Nagar did you photograph.

I guess Caesalpinia ferrea is correct!



tree identification: 2 high res. images.
please help me in this identification
clucked at sundar nursery, New Delhi

Maybe Albizia procera(Roxb.) Benth.

Flower may be of different species.

i have checked other resources and finds it to be caesalpinia ferrea