List of species of Cautleya from Gingers of India (2006):

  • Cautleya cathcarti Baker in Hook. f., Fl Brit. Ind. 6:208. 1890.
  • Cautleya gracilis (J.E.Sm.) Dandy in J. Bot. 70:328. 1954.
    • var. gracilis
    • var. gracilior (K. Schum.) Sanjappa in Karthikeyan et al. Fl. Ind. Monocot. 1989
  • Cautleya petiolata Baker in Hook. f. Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:209. 1890.
  • Cautleya robusta Baker in Hook. F. Fl. Brit. Ind. 6:209. 1890
  • Cautleya spicata (J.E.Sm.) Baker in Hook. f., Fl Brit. Ind. 6:209. 1890.


  • Karthikeyan et al. (1989) have mentioned following species of Cautleya in India:

    1. Cautleya cathcartii Baker [synonym of Cautleya gracilis var. robusta (K.Schum.) Sanjappa]
    2. C. gracilis(J.E.Sm.) Dandy
    3. C. petiolata Baker [synonym of Cautleya spicata (Sm.) Baker]
    4. C. robusta Baker [synonym of Cautleya spicata (Sm.) Baker]
    5. C. spicata (J.E.Sm.) Baker

    Scrutiny in The Plant List 2013 indicates three species names as synonyms.


    Karthikeyan, S., Jain, S.K., Nayar, M.P. & Sanjappa, M. 1989. Florae Indicae Enumeratio: Monocotyledonae, Botanical Survey of India, Calcutta, pp. 291.



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