Ceropegia bhatii S. R. Yadav & S. M. Shendage, Kew Bulletin 65: 107–110 (2010); 

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Ceropegia bhatii S. R. Yadav & S. M. Shendage Kew Bulletin 65: 107–110 (2010)
This is a recently described taxa from Karnataka. Ceropegia bhatii S. R. Yadav & Shendage, discovered from Malebennur Ghat in Davangere district of Karnataka State is described and illustrated.

It is similar to Ceropegia noorjahaniae M. A. Ansari but is distinct in its twining habit, two-flowered cyme, slightly inflated corolla tube and corolla lobe margins that are not recurved.
Please find the reprint attached. CEROPEGIA BHATII.pdf

it would be good if some friend from Karnataka is able to upload photographs of this interesting species.