Images By Satish Phadke and Prashant awle ( Inserted by Sushant More)
Ceropegia oculata Hook., Bot. Mag. 70: t. 4093 1844. ;
The Lantern flower, Mor Kharchudi;




Kass Plateau, Satara, Maharashtra: 29th to 31st Aug’08; Satpura tiger Reserve- 090809; Sinhgd on 15th August 10; On the Ghats enroute to Kaas plateau: 18th Sept., 2010; Ceropegia oculata – The Lantern flower – indiantreepix | Google Groups




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3 and 4 Ceropegia oculata-located along the jeepable road to Sinhgd on 15 th August 10.
C.oculata was really very attractive and I have snapped more photos from different angle



Ceropegia oculata :: Purandar Fort: Ceropegia oculata
Family :: Asclepiadaceae
One more highly colourful Ceropegia from Western ghats.

wonderful… if I mask off the and look at the lower part of the second pic there is an image of two baby ducks… beaks and skinny necks.. I loved it…



Ceropegia oculata.: Ceropegia oculata.
Location – Satara, Maharashtra.
Date – 15.9.2012

This photograph is spectacular. Just loved it. Thanks for sharing.



Peacock Flytrap:

Clicked during trek to Mahipatgad near Khed on Sept 29 ‘2012
Peacock Flytrap / मोर खरचुडी (Ceropegia oculata )
for more info :

A new addition to my Wildflowers album !
ID Source Books :
1. Common Indian Wildflowers by Isaac Kehimkar ( Page # 74 / Flower # 115 )
2. Flowers of Sahyadri by Shrikant Ingalhalikar ( Page # 89 / Flower # 119 )

Very nice pictures … You are right. Really beautiful flowers.



Ceropegia fantastica (Fantastic Flytrap):

Kindly confirm if the flower in the attached picture is Ceropegia fantastica.
This picture was shot at village Pali, taluka Guhagar, district Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
Information on the net points out that this flower is on the verge of extinction in the wild.

This is Ceropegia oculata.

Yes Ceropegia oculata



Ceropegia oculata : Attachments (1).  5 posts by 4 authors.

Seen this beautiful Climber near Irshalgad (Panvel region, Maharashtra).
Bot. name: Ceropegia oculata
Family: Asclepiadaceae
Date/Time: 03-08-2013 / 12:45 PM

Very beautiful … nice to see.