Ceropegia lawii Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 67 1883. (syn: Ceropegia lawii var. wadhwae M.R.Almeida; Ceropegia maharashtrensis Punekar, Tamhankar, Lakshmin., Kumaran, Raut & S.K.Srivast.) as per POWO;
seer-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh — from the Greek keros (wax) and pege (fountain)
LAW-ee-eye — named in honour of J. S. Law, ICS and botanist
Law’s ceropegiaMarathi: खरपुडी kharpudi, लॉई खरपुडी lawi kharpudi, पिवळी खरचुडी pivali kharchudi;

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It is a tuberous, erect, broad leaved species with many flowered cyme. It grows on steep slopes at inaccessible places of higher altitudes of about 1000-1400 m.
It is closely related to C. panchganiensis, C.sahyadrica and Ceropegia karulensis
Locations – Harishchandragad, Nashik anjaneri, Murbad 2013,2014 July- August
Images – Sushant More, Pradnyawant Mane, Sharad Kamble

Ceropegia lawii (left), C. panchganiensis (middle) & C.sahyadrica (Right)


Mixed thread : Correct images as above: 1+ 6 + 8.
Yes, adding some ceropegia lawii snaps for more understanding. you can see much variation in ceropegia lawii here, it is restricted to Thane, Ahmadnagar and Nashik Districts that too higher peaks.
Also adding one plate so we can easily see the difference 

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is it ceropegia sahyadrica or ceropegia lawii. clicked at Anjnerica hills, nashik 2012 july

This is very much C. sahyadrica. Some taxonomists consider C. lawii syn to C. sahyadrica. By the way the hill Anjaneri is not named after Ceropegia, it is the Ceropegia that is named C. anjanerica.

Thank you very much sir For confirmation. sorry i wrote wrong it is anjneri hills. BTW sir this attached flower in first thread was too small (about 5 cm) for ceropegia sahyadrica. i have seen ceropegia sahydrica on korigad, Lonavala there was very big (about 10 cm) flower (1.attached in this thread) on korigad and another ceropegia flower from Anjneri hills (2.attached in this thread) purpleish inside that you id as ceropegia sahydrica. is this variation or the flower is still small and yet to be flowered to its last size ?? plz explain sir i am very confuse with variations ?? And can you throw some light on ceropegia lawii as i am very confuse about its size as on net there are very few photographs are available can’t understand from those images??

no …, I don’t think that C sahyadrica that we saw was of 10 cms in size.

Your image ‘From korigad 2011’ is Ceropegia lawii and it would not be longer than 3 cm. Pls track this vanishing plant, it is very important.

Is it finally ceropegia sahyadrica or ceropegia lawii ?

ceropegia lawii

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ceropegia at nashik hills.

I think Ceropegia sahyadrica. The leaf picture will be helpful.

I think Ceropegia lawii as per another thread.

That colour under the corolla confuses me. There are two species close. Ceropegia sahyadrica and Ceropegia lawii
Is the colour important in distinguishing. I really don’t know. … will you clarify please considering your study on this?

yes ceropegia lawii

It is confirmed that this is Ceropegia lawii


Names of Plants in India :: Ceropegia lawii Hook.f.:

Ceropegia lawii Hook.f.

seer-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh — Greek: keros (wax), pege (fountain) … Dave’s Botanary
LAW-ee-eye — named in honour of J. S. Law, ICS and botanist

commonly known as: Law’s ceropegia • Marathi: खरपुडी kharpudi, लॉई खरपुडी lawi kharpudi, पिवळी खरचुडी pivali kharchudi

botanical namesCeropegia lawii Hook.f. … synonymsCeropegia lawii var. wadhwae M.R.Almeida • Ceropegia maharashtrensis Punekar, Tamhankar, Lakshmin., Kumaran, Raut & S.K.Srivast. … POWO

Bibliography / etymology

~~~~~ ENGLISH ~~~~~
Law’s ceropegia
~~~~~ MARATHI ~~~~~
खरपुडी kharpudi, पिवळी खरचुडी pivali kharchudi
लॉई खरपुडी lawi kharpudi
  • Further Flowers of Sahyadri, a field guide to flowers of northern Western Ghats of India by Shrikant Ingalhalikar
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