Images by Somnath Jha (Id by Gurcharan Singh), Prashant Awale (id by Balkar Singh & Gurcharan Singh) & Satish Phadke (Validation by Gurcharan Singh) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (for complete
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Location – Nubra Valley – Near Diskit, Ladakh, (roadside)
Altitude – 15000 feet
Flower size 6 to 8 mm
Habitat Wild 

Perhaps Christolea crassifolia, but lower leaves needed for confirmation



Christolea crassifolia:  Came across this herb near “Chushul”, Ladakh.
Date/Time: 14-09-2011 / 12:20PM
Bot. name: Christolea crassifolia
Family: Brassicaceae
Plant Habit: Herb

first two Christolea crassifolia but third one looks different

I think same, the third seems to be mostly in fruit

Four petalled flowers… are so uncannily like the dogwood of north american forests… pic 1270… is it fruits as …. suggested?

Yes …. This plant was in its fruiting stage. I was fortunate to get few flowers. Probably end of flowering season for this plant.



Brassicaceae Week :: PKA8-130911 :: Christolea crassifolia-2 at Tsomoriri Ladakh: This is second set of Christolea crassifolia from Ladakh.
Family: Brassicaceae
Date/Time: 13-09-2011 / 05:00PM
Location: Tsomoreri Lake, Ladakh (Altitute: Approx: 15075ft).
Leaves Thick, spathulate and some what like a Spoon shape and leaves near the flowers were having whitish hairs, margin entire.
Could spot only few flowers (White coloured). probably it was end of flowering season?

Yes … Nice photographs


Brassicaceae week: Plant for ID SMP1 09/11/2012: Himalayan flower Jun 2009 Is it Christolea?
A small herb with white flowers near Kibber Spiti valley HP
Flowers 1-2 cm

Yes … you are right

Very common in Ladakh
collected several times but no photographs

Brassicaceae Week :: PKA5-140911 :: Christolea crassifolia at Chushul, Ladakh: Came across this herb near “Chushul”, Ladakh.
Date/Time: 14-09-2011 / 12:20PM
Bot. name: Christolea crassifolia
Family: Brassicaceae
Plant Habit: Herb

Thanks … for this precious upload. I have collected a lot between 1970 o 1975, but no photographs. Wish digital photography had come 40 years earlier. Now I can’t even able to reach and photograph species which I had named myself.




Christolea crassifolia  with pinkish coloured flowers..
Family: Brasicaceae





I had seen this herb near Pangong lake. I had observed plants with white flowers as well as little pinkish flowers..
Sharing set -1 with White coloured flowers..
Bot. name: Christolea crassifolia
Family: Brasicaceae

Marvelous pictures, …

You are reminding me of Ladakh again and again …

Here is mine collected in 1971, though not in good condition in College herbarium.
Shagsho in local language
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SK94SEP10-1016:ID : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Sharing some pictures for ID shot at Gurudwara Patthar sahib Leh on 20 August 2014 at 12000 ft.

You will find it here in comparative images: Brassicaceae

I think it’s Christolea crassifolia Cambess. as per comparative images at Brassicaceae

Christolea crassifolia (Brassicaceae)



SK648 15 JUL-2017:ID : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

Location: Chhoser, Upper Mustang, Nepal 
Date: 10 April 2017 2017
Altitude: 12400 ft. 
Not yet flowering still trying for ID.

Looks like Portulaca… but pubescence make me think otherwise..

This is almost certainly Brassicaceae, I guess Christolea crassifolia.

To me also appear close to images at 


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