Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau , Kew Bull. 3: 276 1948. (Syn: Vitis woodrowii Stapf ex Cooke);
India (Maharashtra) as per Catalogue of Life;
Karnataka and Maharashtra as per Flora of Peninsular India;
Common name: Woodrow’s Grape Tree • Marathi: गिरणूळ girnul
Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau is very closely allied to V. pallida, W. & A. (syn. of Cissus repanda (Wight & Arn.) Vahl as per POWO), from which it differs in the absence of tendrils, an erect thick trunk and larger leaves which are almost invariably 3-lobed as per IBIS Flora (Flora of Bombay Presidency details);

Stapf, MS. An erect shrub 5-6 ft. high ; trunk 3-4 in. thick at the base ; bark rough, grey ; lower branches 2-3 ft. long, annual, ecirrhose, slightly tomentose at the apex. Leaves up to 9 in. long and broad, pale green, cordate-ovate or cordate-rotund (with a broad sinus), usually shortly (rarely obscurely) 3-lobed, acute or acuminate, repand-crenate (the crenatures recurved), at first sparingly tomentose, at length glabrate, rather firm, palmi-nerved ; petioles nearly equalling the blade, more or less tomentose when young; stipules triangular-ovate, reddish, caducous, Flowers tetramerous, in compound umbels ; peduncles 1 in. or afterwards 2 in. long ; primary rays usually 4, about 1/2-3/4 in. long at time of flowering, afterwards up to in. long ; pedicels at time of flowering 1/6 in., afterwards 1/2 in. long, thick, straight. Calyx saucer-shaped : limb membranous, truncate or very obscurely lobed. Petals 4, calyptrately deciduous, hooded and thickened at the apex. Disk 1-lobcd. Style short, stout, conical. Berry obovoid-globose, about 1/4 in. in diam. Seed solitary. ? Cissus vitiginea, Dalz. & Gibs. p. 40 (not of Roxb.) ; Cissus, Grah. Cat. p. 33 (n. 244).—Flowers : June. Vern. Girnul. Very closely allied to V. pallida, W. & A., from which it differs in the absence of tendrils, an erect thick trunk and larger leaves which are almost invariably 3-lobed. The root contains starch-granules in abund¬ance, of variable form, also raphides which are pointed at one end and 2-3-furcate at the other (Woodrow). KONKAN : Bombay, Capt. Geburne !

DECCAN : common in the Poona districts, Woodrow ! ; a roadside bush, Nairne ; Bowdhan forest near Poona, Woodrow !—DISTRIB. Apparently endemic in the Bombay Presidency.
(IBIS Flora (Flora of Bombay Presidency details)) 



Wild Plant/ Weed for ID: July13-NAW05 : Attachments (3). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Wild Plant/ Weed for ID: Growing on fallow farmland Mahabubnagar district Andhra Pradesh.

Large crumpy reddish leaves, height of plant about 1 feet. possibly just come up in the last 20-30 days.

Cissus woodrowii

Yes Cissus woodrowii. Vitaceae


For Id shrub- 040709JM1 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
On 21/6/09 in Keesaraguda, near Hyderabad, AP. It was a stony area on a hillock.

This is Cissus woodrowii.

Thanks, …
Here is the FOI link
But FOI link shows it as endemic to Western Ghats, but I think Keesaraguda near Hyderabad is not a part of Western Ghats as per link Is it not?

You have a point, … I have to check the distribution of this species. However no doubt this is C. woodrowii. And if you check, two photograph of this species are mentioned to be from Hyderabad.

Excellent clear and bright pictures …
It does appear to be Cissus woodrowii………but the number of flowers per inflorescence in your picture are less than what I have observed. The season is perfect.

Is it OK for Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau ?

Yes, to me it is.

Yes, it is fine.
yes it is C. woodrowii

id please (mixed thread): 13 posts by 2 authors. 3 correct images as above.
Please identify the following plant.
Date: 2.08.2015
location: Ranga Reddy dist.

Some Vitaceae member: /species/m—z/v/vitaceae

It is Cissus pallida Syn. Cissus woodrowii

Thank you so much … Thanks a lot … your flora andhrika is very informative.

Looks like Cissus woodrowii.

Could you pl. decide between the two suggested id’s?

There is no description about Cissus woodrowii both in Flora of Prof-Pullaiah and Flora Pres. of Madras  J.S. Gamble, except in Flora of karnataka and in efi website and these pictures resemble the plant I sent for the id especially flower color.
Other one as mentioned earlier by …, Cissus pallida is the synonym of C. adnata as per the Plant list, ref:
is a climber and inflorescence greenish as per the key. The plant I referred is not a climber.

you are correct. In flora of Nellore district by B.suryanarayana Sir it is given as Cissus pallida. But V.S Raju Sir has suggested this name to the plant I collected.
hence I suggested you. Prof. Pullaiah sir in later versions of Flora A.P mentioned this plant. It is missing. The leaves are very large, it is not a climber -these are the 2 important features.


Cissus woodrowii: Cissus woodrowii in flower at my place in alibaug, three days ago

Taking this as Cissus arnottiana B.V.Shetty & Par.Singh (as it may be having tendrils as appearing to be climbing, which is not the case in Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau) and as per discussions at Plant ID. and high resolution specimens at GBIFone, two, three, four and five

I too agree with …, it resembles woodrowii only,

Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau) is a shrub with no tendrels, while … plant appears to be climbing and may be Cissus arnottiana B.V.Shetty & Par.Singh (although upper portion containing tendrils is not visible in the images)
Pl. check both the links for details.

It may be Cissus repanda Vahl if forked tendrils and Cissus arnottiana B.V.Shetty & Par.Singh if simple tendrils.
Hi, …, Pl. check your detailed images.

am not thinking it’s climbing, as per photos also resemble an erect shrub and that to plant has woody erect branches..

Thanks, … … can clarify further.

many thanks for this interesting discussion.
I looked at the old photographs and find that the tendrils belong to a different plant with heart shaped leaves which can be seen in images 383a and 381a which are higher resolution than the images posted in 2011.
the habit of the plant was an erect woody shrub about 5-6 feet high, with fresh green stems carrying leaves and flowers.
therefore I feel this is Cissus woodrowii
Attachments (2)- 1 mb and 2 mb.

OK, …


Cissus vitiginea L.(Vitaceae) : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)

Cissus vitiginea L.(Vitaceae).

Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, 2016, July.

Habitat was dry deciduous forest rocky places.

It looks different from Cissus vitiginea L. as per images and details herein.
I think it is Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau as per images and details herein.

I hope it’s Cissus pallida (Wight & Arn.) Steud. This is a synonym of Cissus repanda (Wight & Arn.) Vahl,

Cissus pallida Steud. is reported from India and is a syn. of Cissus adnata Roxb.

Can I get the reference,

Pl. see Cissus adnata Roxb.

POWO is also creating lot of confusion coming from Kew, but basing itself on the The Plant List, when a taxon is not appearing in their more accurate database on WCSP. This should certainly give bad name to them.
Catalogue of Life has done a wonderful job in recent years and appears more reliable after WCSP & ILDIS.

Closest I can go as per comparative images at Cissus is Cissus woodrowii
Pl. confirm or otherwise.

It is not Cissus vitigeniea; once it was known as Cissus pallida (Wight&Arn.)Salisb. (as per Gamble); these plants are available sporadically in Kadapa, Nellore districts only; later it was also included in Cissus woodrowii (Stapf ex Cooke) Santapau, Kew Bull. 3: 276. 1948.; but C.woodrowii collected from other localities look different. hence further discussion is necessary.


leea macrophylla: 2 images.
fruiting leea macrophylla, this sunday
ramdhaneshwar, alibaug

Negative … This is Woodrow’s Grape Tree [Cissus woodrowii]. Will send my photographs of Leea macrophylla for comparison later.

Leea macrophylla


My photographs of Leea macrophylla taken on my property at Shahapur.
9 images.


research about vitis woodroii : 4 posts by 1 author.
I am going to do research on vitis woodroii for phD, on vitis woodroii. I have surveyed a lot but I could not get any mor information about it’s uses, phyto constituent.
Please Sir/Mam give be details about research on vitis woodroii urgently.
So I can proceed it for my phD work.

I think this is very close to Cissus pallida, it is collected from
Katraj ghat, Pune. When studying such plants,
it can be
compared with well known medicinal plants like
Cissus quadrangularis, Cayratia pedata etc.

Cissus pallida Planch is a synonym of Vitis woodrowii Stapf.
In Andhra Pradesh the paste of the stem is applied externally to relieve rheumatic pains.

thank you so much sir. But cissus woodroii is wild shrub. not climber.
Is there any antitumour activity? to vitis woodroii?



Another wild shrub for id_ Hyderabad: 3 images.
This beautiful shrub was found growing in the wild in the outskirts of Hyderabad.
Observed in July 2021
Shrub Height-4 feet
Terrain was rocky and soil was sandy.
Please help in id.

Cissus species ? C.arnottiana ???

Cissus pallida,

Wild Grape it says..  any part of this plant is edible ? Or do birds feed on it?

Can it be Cissus woodrowii as I do not see any tendrils?

Yes … as per the description you’re right, but in pallida also not common tendrils, morphologically it seems pallida, need to confirm posted author with checking entire plant profile directly,

May I request you to post high resolution images. Do you see any tendrils?

Posting High resolution pics, hope they help.
No I did not observe any tendrils 
4 images.

These are not high res. images.

Ohh. Ok …i, will click pics again. And re-upload.
The plant is on our project site, so no worries.

Should I click  specific pictures of plant parts? Please suggest.

Focus on the tendrils, if you find any and open flowers.

Cissus woodrowii

It is Cissus pallida, but not mentioned in Plantlist etc, (it is distinct and restricted to Deccan area of India) it is erect, cissus glauca is climbing.

Catalogue of Life gives Cissus pallida Steud. as a syn. of Cissus adnata Roxb., while POWO says syn. of Cissus repanda (Wight & Arn.) Vahl

As per the keys in Flora of Eastern Karnataka, as it does not have any tendrils, it should be Cissus woodrowii.
However, it also states under description of C.woodrowii “The occasional erect habit and the absence of tendrils in C.pallida sometimes makes that very confusing with the present taxon. In fact, this led Talbot to merge these two in his forest flora under C.pallida. However, his f.182 belongs to C.woodrowii only.’

C.woodrowii is climbing; and glaucous, sometimes with tendrils, but pallida has no tendrils, upto 2 -3 ft height ; leaves very large upto 30-40 cm in diam.

Which source?

Also description in Flora of Bombay Presidency say differently as available at Cissus woodrowii

FPM Gamble (for pallida)

I will go with Cissus woodrowii





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