Clarkia unguiculata Lindl., Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 23: t. 1981 1837. (Syn: Clarkia eiseneana Kellogg; Clarkia elegans Douglas [Illegitimate]; Phaeostoma elegans (Douglas) A. Nelson;                      (=) Oenothera elegans H. Lév.); Phaeostoma elegans (Dougl.) A. Nelson);
Clarkia, Garland Flower, Mountain Garland, elegant clarkia;
USA (California), Mexico (Baja California Norte), Taiwan (I), Java (I), Bolivia (c), Slovakia (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Clarkia unguiculata is a species of wildflower known by the common name elegant clarkia or mountain garland. This plant is endemic to California, where it is found in many woodland habitats.

Specifically it is common on the forest floor of many oak woodlands, along with typical understory wildflowers that include Calochortus luteus, Cynoglossum grande and Delphinium variegatum.[1]
C. unguiculata presents a spindly, hairless, waxy stem not exceeding a meter in height and bears occasional narrow leaves. The showy flowers have hairy, fused sepals forming a cup beneath the corolla, and four petals each one to 2.5 centimeters long.[2] The paddle-like petals are a shade of pink to reddish to purple and are slender and diamond-shaped or triangular. There are eight long stamens, the outer four of which have large red anthers. The stigma protrudes from the flower and can be quite large. Flowers of the genus Clarkia are primarily pollinated by specialist bees found in their native habitat [3] “Clarkias independently developed self-pollination in 12 lineages.”[4]
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Clicked in St. Stephen’s College Delhi.
Common name: Clarkia, Garland Flower, Mountain Garland
Botanical name: Clarkia Unguiculata Family: Onagraceae
Flowers of India states it as Clarkia Elegans.
The other flower is unidentified.

I think it is a variety of phlox but i am not sure. please clarify.

Possibly a Dianthus species?

First one looks like Clarkia, second like some sort of Dianthus.

2032009(003).jpg and 2032009(017).jpg second and third image looks like carnations (dianthus sp.).



Flower for ID from my garden in Ritterhude 210812 NB5:  I found a tiny little seedling in one pot, I was just about to throw it away. Now I am glad, that I let it survive. It is producing beautiful flowers.
I don’t know the name of it however.
Perhaps you can help. In one Foto you can see the seedpod as well.

Should be any Cuphea sp.

Please check for Impatiens species (ornamental/hybrid) also

I think it is Clarkia pulchella (deer horn clarkia)

it does look like Clarkia pulchella (deer horn clarkia), though the leaves are a bit narrow.. Somehow this flower was difficult to identify. My Flower experts here, had not seen this before.
I am glad you gave me the right name.
While searchin on net i saw that there are a few more color varieties. Wonder If I can get them here. But I am glad I have one and it is flowering and flowering.

I think more closer to images at Clarkia unguiculata rather than those at Clarkia pulchella Pursh

Looks more like Clarkia elegans syn Clarkia unguiculata


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Cultivated, garden plant seen on 23rd of April.

No flowers.

I hope Celosia argentea

I had tried searching a lot for the id of these plants.
The leaves look close to the tender leaves of Clarkia unguiculata as well.

Could you kindly check.