Indian Subcontinent: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
Common name:
 Garari • Hindi: Garari, Garrar • Marathi: Garari • Tamil: nilaippalai, odaichi, odan, odishi • Malayalam: nilappala, odugu • Telugu: kadise, korshe, korsi, vadise • Kannada: Badedarige, ಬೋಳದರಗ Boladaraga, Bodadaraga, ಕಾಡುಗರಗರಿ Kadugaragari • Oriya: korodo • Sanskrit: indrayava, kaudigam, kutaja, nandi
The fruits can be mistaken for Emblica (medicinal Aawala) fruits and can prove to be fatally poisonous if eaten.


ID please
Plants from Bhandara district.

This looks like Shisham [Dalbergia latifolia].

please check Cleistanthes collius.

I too think Cleistanthus collinus .
Local name: Garari, very common in Pench region.


Request for ID:
ID please
Plants from Bhandara

This could be Bridelia scandens.

Now this could be Cleistanthus collinus (Roxb.) Benth. ex Hook.f.
|The fruits are very significant. 

I agree with … on Cleistanthus collinus and wish to warn that the fruits can be mistaken for Emblica (medicinal Aawala) fruits and can prove to be fatally poisonous if eaten.


Seen this small tree at Pench Reserve Forest.
Bot. name: Cleistanthus collinus
Local name: Garari
Locals told me that this is highly poisonous tree…

Yes, these fruits are poisonous.
Tamil Name: ஒடுவங்காய்

Cleistanthus collinus.


It is very interesting.

Anything wrong, Sir?


Cleistanthus collinus (Roxb.) Benth. ex Hook.f. 15Jan SN 18 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3).
Cleistanthus collinus (Roxb.) Benth. ex Hook.f,
wild tree from KFRI, Peechi, Thrissur dt. Kerala, leaves are poisonous.

Cleistanthus collinus
Family Phylanthaceae

Tree for ID, Auroville, Tamil Nadu NAW-MAR17-06 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)
Kindly identify this tree with woody brown fruit  about 12-14 mm in diameter which burst to shed spherical seeds about 3-4 mm in diameter, photographed at the Auroville Botanical Garden, Tamil Nadu in March 2017.
Height of tree about 6 metres.

Cleistanthus collinus…..

07082017BHAR : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Found in village side on foothills of Javadhu hills of Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu.
The local people told its leaves and bark are toxic.
In Tamil: ஓட or ஓத  மரம்.

I think Cleistanthus collinus.



Tree for Id_ MP: 5 images.

Sharing pictures of a tree for identification.
This tree was found standing near a lake in the wild at the MP-Chhattisgarh border.
Height–Appx 35 feet
Kindly help in identification.

Bridelia retusa (L.) Spreng. ??

… tree did not match with the Bridelia species.
And localities told us that fruits are not edible.

OK !

Diospyros melanoxylon locally known as Tendu is common in that region and the fruits are edible too. Check out images of the same and let us know.

I know Diospyros melanoxylon well. It was not that tree.
Fruits were smaller and not edible.

Cleistanthus collinus (Roxb.) Benth. ex Hook.f. [Phyllanthaceae].

It’s Cleistanthus collinus only, I agree with …


Looking for Tree ID with notched leaves: 3 images.
Bhopal; sandstone hill; 7/7/2022

Cleistanthus collinus,




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