Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl., Bot. Reg. 13: pl. 1114 1827. (Syn: Cotoneaster buxifolia f. cochleata Franch.; Cotoneaster emarginata Hort ex C. Koch; Cotoneaster microphyllus var. cochleatus (Franch.) Rehd. & E. H. Wilson; Mespilus microphylla (Lindl.) Ohlendorff; Pyrus microphylla (Wall. ex Lindl.) M. F. Fay & Christenh. (ambiguous
Nepal, England (I), Ireland (I), Australia (I) (New South Wales (I)), Slovakia (I), Germany (I), USA (I) (California (I)) as per Catalogue of Life;
Rockspray cotoneaster, Chinese rockspray, Little-leaf cotoneaster;
Small evergreen shrub from Himalayas with dense spreading branches; leaves usually less than 1 cm long, shining above, gray-tomentose beneath; flowers white, solitary or 2-3 together; fruit brighr red, 5-6 mm.

Cotoneaster microphyllus : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)- 1 mb or more.
Sharing some pics of C. microphyllus on 8 July 2016 at Nagarkot Nepal at 7000 ft.


Some more pics! Attachments (1)- 6 Mb.


Attachments (1)- 2 Mb.

wonderful. any berries yet? and how big are they

No berries so far !

I am beginning a check on Cotoneasters posted on this site. Unfortunately, I suspect a majority are misidentified. Will be sending available images to Jeanette Fryer (on a CD she does not use e-mail). She was co-author with the late Bertil Hylmo of ‘Cotoneasters’ (2009) – the most knowledgeable person on the genus. She is always busy with other identification tasks so will certainly take weeks perhaps months before we hear but worth the wait. 

Please note her comments: “Klotz included within C.microphyllus a number of taxa from a wide area ranging from W.Himalaya, Kumaon, through to eastern Tibet and the provinces of Yunnan & Sichuan but in its strictest sense C.microphyllus has only been recorded from Nepal.  More research is desperately needed. 

I hope her determinations (accurate identifications) will encourage members to take a greater interest in this neglected genus, photographing more species. There is every possibility of locating species new to science within this genus. 

It makes sense, when those with specialist knowledge are available to name material to take full advantage.  The present situation with the naming of Cotoneaters in Indian herbaria is in need of improvement.  Many specimens are very old and/or in poor condition, of a scrappy nature in the first place.


31 January 2017

Same plant !
Would it help to validate ID ?
Attachments (13)

I am STILL waiting to hear from J.Fryer.  As I expected it would take MONTHS for her to comment about the assorted images I sent of Cotoneasters posted on eFI.
UNTIL we hear (I will share her findings) it would be UNWISE for me to say much, beyond to advise once again that in MOST cases, what is currently understood to be the TRUE Cotoneaster microphyllus is NOT what MOST people think it is!
According to ‘Cotoneasters’ Fryer & Hylmo (2009) C.microphyllus Wallich ex Lindley is restricted to Nepal.
The TYPE specimen was collected FOR (but not BY) Wallich who was NOT permitted to venture beyond the Kathmandu during his visit(s).
It was found from the alpine zone of Gosainkund.  A VERY QUICK look at the plate and description in this book suggests the specimen you photographed may well NOT be C.microphyllus.
I shall be happy to send by CD (Jeanette does not have e-mail but IS worth the trouble) these images PLUS others sent in SINCE the last lot were sent.
Even if I hear from Jeanette tomorrow, once again, a wait of months is likely to required.
PATIENCE is required.
For the time being it would, in my opinion, be POINTLESS, for anyone to SPECULATE further. Thus put it as Cotoneaster sp.  AWAITING DETERMINATION.
IF there is a rival SPECIALIST in the genus, who can comment further, sooner than that, then fine.

Confirmed as Cotoneaster microphyllus Wallich ex Lindley.
According to Fryer & Hylmo, C.microphyllus sensu stricto (in its strictest sense) has only been recorded from Nepal (though it would come as no surprise if it is not also present in Uttarakhand).
Klotz (1963) included within C.microphyllus a number of taxa from a wide area ranging from the NW Himalaya, Uttarakhand (Kumaon) through to eastern Tibet and provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan in China.

Thank you … for the final validation of ID.
Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. (accepted name)
Nepali Name: खरेटो Khareto 


Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. (accepted name) ??? : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Location: Deurali, Dolakha, Nepal
Altitude: 8000 ft.
Date: 24 July 2014

This is another genus that has been poorly studied.  I sent by CD the images of Cotoneasters posted on eFI to Jeanette Fryer in UK.  She does not use e-mail.  I expected it would take weeks if not months before a response – she always has a back-log of specimens and photos to identify.   WHEN these arrive then we can begin to improve the reference examples on this site.  I will store your images from Kuri and accumulate more THEN, IF she is willing to name other photos, will send on another CD.

In the mean-time, no point in speculating as to the identity of this.  It seems you had a water droplet or similar on the lens – a common
problem when photographing under wet conditions.
According to Fryer & Hylmo in ‘Cotoneasters’ (2009) state that in its strictest sense, this species has ONLY been recorded from Nepal. The type specimen was from the alpine zone of Gosainkund collected FOR not BY Wallich in 1821 (Wallich himself was not permitted beyond the Kathmandu Valley).
As with the previous Cotoneaster you have just posted, I shall store the images to make available to send within a future CD for Jeanette
Fryer once those already have been identified by her.  We must all be patient.



Rosaceae Fortnight: Cotoneaster microphyllus from California-GSSEP12/12 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl.
Photographed from California


Cotoneaster microphyllus in FOI : 2 posts by 1 author.
Cotoneaster microphyllus in FOI (only found in Nepal as per treatment of Jeanette Fryer) may be either Cotoneaster brandisii G.Klotz or Cotoneaster marginatus (Lindl. ex Loudon) Schltdl. as per details herein.
Fruit will help confirm the id.


Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)
Location: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur
Date: 16  May 2019
Elevation: 2022 m.
Habit : Wild 

I guess ID is correct !


SK 3146 17 November 2021: 4 very high res. images.
Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 2308m.
Date: 17 August 2021
Habit : Wild
Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. ??
I get always confused with this genus !

I am reminded of Ericaceae – esp Vaccinium sp seeing the flowers (?)

I did not get you. This is Cotoneaster sp.

Yes, appears close to images at Cotoneaster microphyllus


SK 3159 21 November 2021: 6 very high res. images.

Location: Mugu, West Nepal
Altitude: 2800m.
Date: 20 August 2021
Habit : Wild
Cotoneaster …??

I think it is close to images at Cotoneaster marginatus (Lindl. ex Loudon) Schltdl.

This looks some different from efi thread, where the plant is about 7/8 ft tall and leaves are larger but this sp. is matted on the floor and leaves are also smaller.

Another possibility is Cotoneaster microphyllus as per images and details herein.

I guess so …


Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl.: 7 very high res. images

Location: Dhorpatan, Baglung, Nepal 
Date: 31May 2023
Elevation: 2900 m.

Habit : Wild



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