Cuscuta pentagona Engelm. (syn: Cuscuta campestris Yunck.)- Keys as per Flora of China











Images by Prasad Dash, Surajit Koley & Balkar Singh (Inserted by J.M.Garg)





Binomial Habit Notes References Distribution
Decne. ex Engelm. (syn. of Cuscuta pentagona Engelm.
Twiner Plains, Dry
Flora of Tamil
Nadu, VOL. II, 1987
Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur
Cuscuta chinensis Lam. Twiner Plains,
Dry Localities
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. II, 1987
Kancheepuram, Thiruvallur, 
Cuscuta hyalina Roth Twiner Plains,
Dry Localities
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. II, 1987
Tiruchchirappalli, Tirunelveli
Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. Twiner Plains,
Dry Localities
of Tamil Nadu, VOL. II, 1987



Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Cuscuta approximata Cuscuta cupulata, Cuscuta urceolata Convolvulaceae Alfalfa Dodder
Cuscuta chinensis var. chinensis Cuscuta sulcata Convolvulaceae Chinese Dodder
Cuscuta europaea var. indica is a synonym of Cuscuta europaea L. Convolvulaceae Greater Dodder
Cuscuta reflexa Convolvulaceae Amar Bel

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Biology and Management of Cuscuta species by Mishra J. S.- Indian Journal of Weed Science Year : 2009, Volume : 41, Issue : 1&2. AbstractField dodder (Cuscuta campestris) is an annual obligate stem parasite belonging to family Cuscutaceae. The genus Cuscuta is comprised of about 175 species worldwide. Out of 12 species reported from India, C. campestris and C. reflexa are more common. It is a major problem in pulses, oilseeds and fodder crops in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Orissa, West Bengal and parts of Madhya Pradesh under rainfed as well as in irrigated conditions. It reproduces mainly by seeds and unlike root parasites, Cuscuta seeds do not require a specific stimulant to induce germination. The yield reductions due to Cuscuta are reported to the tune of 60–65% in chillies, 31–34% in greengram/blackgram, 60–65% in niger, 87% in lentil, 86% in chickpea, 72% in tomatao and 60–70% in alfalfa depending upon its intensity of infestation. Cuscuta can be controlled by using Cuscuta free crop seeds, harrowing in crop rows before it parasitizes the host, cultural practices like tillage, planting time, crop rotation and intercropping, selection of Cuscuta tolerant varieties and use of selective herbicides like pendimethalin, fluchloralin and pronamide. If the infestation is in patches, it can be easily controlled by spraying non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate and paraquat. In this paper, an attempt has been made to review the research work done on biology and management of Cuscuta in India and elsewhere.

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Plants of Cuscuta of totally leafless whereas minute scale leaves occur in Cassytha. Flowers in clusters or globose heads in Cuscuta, occur singly in a spike or raceme in Cassytha. The beautiful comparison is here: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00002313/00001/1j

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