Prickly Dalbergia • Malayalam: Ana-mullu • Kannada: Maradeeballi, Muldi;



Delbergia horrida:
Is it Delbergia horrida?
Marathi name: Petungal
Photographed at Phansad WLS,Maharashtra
03 Apr.2011

I think we visited Phansad a week or two earlier to your visit.
We had seen this species but it was not flowering.
I am not an authority to confirm your ID since I have yet to observe this species but most probably you are right. Last year when I had come across a Dalbergia lanceolaria (Dhondus) species it was thought to be D.horrida. From that time I wanted to observe this.

Dalbergia horrida, common in Maharashtra and Goa.

Dalbergia lanceolaria is a tree, whereas D. horrida is a huge climber or scandy bush .. this is D. horrida.

I have the photograph of D. lanceolaria. I will search out and post it. The leaves are quite different from D.horrida.

Yes, D.horrida of Leguminosae family; a large armed climber/liana in moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests.

ID Request- 06012014-PKA1 : Attachments (7). 5 posts by 2 authors.
Seen this tree at Dhavlya Ghat (en-route Mahabaleshwar).
Date/Time: 27-12-2013 / 10:15AM
Kindly help me with the ID..
Habitat: Wild

are you sure it is a tree?
Looks like a Dalbergia sp.

Yes, It’s a tree, i too felt that it could be some Dalbergia sp. … unable to place it…

In the last photo you can see the typical circinate branches typical of Dalbergia sympathetica (Dalbergia horrida). When the plant stands alone without a support it assumes the habit of a shrub with long branches in all directions. Pods are not quite clear enough in the picture. I have seen this plant without the long spines so it is very deceptive.

Yes, the pods R not very clear as it was just the beginning of fruiting stage. I had seen at-least 5 to 6 plants at one particular stretch and if i remember correctly, all were looking like tree only. May be if i happen to visit this region in near future i will get few more snaps..


Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb SN Dec26 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb (= Dalbergia sympathetica Nimmo),
climbing shrub from Siddapur area of Karnataka


Dalbergia ¿ horrida ?
All of these armed lianes seem Dalbergia horrida to me. The average diameter of these lianas are about 4 – 6 inches.
Please validate. If there are many species bearing similar habit and design of spines, please help me their names.
at Matheran on November 1, 2012 … 14:41:55 
at Matheran on November 1, 2012 … 14:43:22 
at Matheran on November 1, 2012 … 14:43:09
at Kanakeshwar forest, Alibag on June 23, 2012
at Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary on March 20, 2011

This is Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb. (Synonym: D. sympathetica Nimmo). Other climbing species lack spines on the trunk. Distributed in Southern West India.


Wild legume shrubSN241117 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Wild legume shrub from Doddamane area of Siddhapura Karnataka

Dalbergia sp. 

Closest I could go as per comparative images at Dalbergia is Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb.
But I think it is not matching.

Is the climber prickly ? Then compare with this at : http://gardentia.net/2014/03/28/prickly-dalbergia/

Thanks, …

Dalbergia malabarica Prain :: along Kas Waghali Road :: December 6, 20207 images.
along Kas Waghali Road  off Satara city
Date: December 6, 2020 … Altitude range: about 650 m (2,133 ft) to 1000 m (3,281) asl
Dalbergia malabarica  Prain

This climbing dalbergia is wrongly identified by me as Dalbergia malabarica Prain
It is Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb. … ID corrected by Radha Veach at iNaturalist.

Yes, appears close to images at


Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb. :: Matheran :: May 22, 2023 · 10:21 AM IST: 2 images.
Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb.
Matheran, Raigad, Maharashtra :: May 22, 2023 · 10:21 AM IST :: about 800 m (2,625 feet) asl


Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb. :: Matheran :: May 22, 2023 · 10:16 AM IST: 10 images.
Dalbergia horrida (Dennst.) Mabb.
Matheran, Raigad, Maharashtra :: May 22, 2023 · 10:16 AM IST :: about 800 m (2,625 feet) asl


517 ID wild thorny climber: 23 high res. images.
Please ID wild thorny climber,
Location: bloomed near Vannappuram Thodupuzha Idukki Kerala INDIA
Altitude: 1500fsl
Flower date: 27DEC2023, 12.25pm
Habitat: wild moisture evergreen sloppy canopied alpine
Plant habit: climber, branches, hard woody sharp thorny cylindrical stem 12 inches base circumference, rough brownish bark, nice rooted old stem
Height: 15 meters
Host tree: Putranjiva roxburghii
Leaves: alternate odd pinnate, leaflets simple smooth heart shaped or ovate with obtuse acute, size upto: 03×1cm
Flower: axillary panicle inflorescence, size:05x01mm, yellow, fragrant

Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x



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