A new species of genus Dendrophthoe Mart. (Lorantheae-Loranthaceae) from the Peninsular India Lal Ji Singh, Vinay Ranjan, L. Rasingam, J. Swamy, Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity (2020) :
Identification key for Indian species of Dendrophthoe
1.  Leaves oblong or ovate or cordate …….. 2
– Leaves linear, falcate ……..  D. gamblei
2.  Leaves opposite or alternate ….. 3
– Leaves opposite …..… 4
3.  Leaves undulate along margins ..… D. falcata
– Leaves entire along margins ……… D. pentandra
4.  Leaves sessile or subsessile .……… D. neelgherrensis
– Corolla slightly curved, often darkening with age, yellow to red …… D.glabrescens


1 a. Leaves linear, up to 2.5 cm wide 1.3. var. falcata
b. Leaves broader, more than 2.5 cm wide 2
2 a. Pseudocarps ovoid, hard and rugose 1.2. var. coccinea
b. Pseudocarps oblong and smooth 3
3 a. Leaves sessile or subsessile, amplexicaule at base; flowers glabrous throughout 1.1. var. amplexifolia
b. Leaves petiolate, not amplexicaule at base; flowers covered with malpighian hairs when young 1.4. var. pubescens


1 a. Leaves both opposite and alternate 2
b. Leaves opposite 3
2 a. Leaves undulate along margins; lateral nerves faint; racemes 2 – 8 cm long, 10 – 25- flowered 1. D. falcata
b. Leaves entire along margins; lateral nerves prominent; racemes 0.7 – 2 cm long, 3 – 12- flowered 4. D. pentandra
3 a. Branching pseudo-dichotomous; leaves sessile or subsessile; flowers in peduncled umbellate cymes, 2.5 – 3 cm long; anthers isothecate with rounded sterile apex; endosperm hornless, mamillate 2. D. memecylifolia             
b. Branching lateral; leaves petiolate; flowers solitary or in very short peduncled cymes, 2 – 2.2 cm long; anthers anisothecate without sterile apex; endosperm with five distal incurved horns, not mamillate 3. D. neelgherrensis

A new species of genus Dendrophthoe Mart. (Lorantheae-Loranthaceae) from the Peninsular India : Lal Ji Singh, Vinay Ranjan, L. Rasingam, J. Swamy- Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity (2020):

Abstract: Dendrophthoe gamblei (Loranthaceae), a new species from the Peninsular India is described and illustrated along with conservation status. Apparently new species is similar to Dendrophthoe memecylifolia (Wight and Arn.) Danser, but strictly differs in respect to its morphology of vegetative and floral characters. A taxonomic key to the species of Dendrophthoe Mart. from India is also provided.


Abstract: The present study gives identification and distribution of Dendrophthoe glabrescens (Loranthaceae) and inventory of host species in India. The delimitation of species is based on inflorescence and morphology of vegetative and floral characters. In general, the genus shows nonspecific relationship with host species.





Dendrophthoe neelgherrensis (Wight & Arn.) Tiegh. (India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life)




please find a key to differentiate between few common parasitic member of Loranthaceae
1. Leafless plant; Stem articulated; Flower unisexual………………..Viscum
1. Leaves well developed; Stem not as above; Flower bisexual….2.
2. Flowers in axillary cluster; Corolla tube less than 1 cm long……Macrosolen
2. Flowers in unilateral racemes; Corolla 5-6 cm long………………..Dendrophthoe

Species as per Flora of India Vol 23 (Editors N. P. Balakrishnan, T. Chakrabarty, M. Sanjappa, P. Lakshminarsimhan & P. Singh- by Botanical Survey of India (2012)):
Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Blume
var. amplexifolia (DC.) Rajasek.
var. coccinea (Talbot) Santapau
var. falcata
var. pubescens (Hook.f.) V.Chandras.
Dendrophthoe memecylifolia (Wight & Arn.) Danser
Dendrophthoe neelgherrensis (Wight & Arn.) Tiegh.
Dendrophthoe pentandra (L.) Miq.

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