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DER-riss — leather covering; referring to the tough seed podsDave’s Botanary
try-foh-lee-AY-tuh or try-foh-lee-AT-uh — three-leaved (bearing three leaflets)Dave’s Botanary
Native to
: tropical Africa, s China, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, n Australia 


Plant for ID SMP2 02/05/2012: Another climber. This time seen near the sea coast of Karwar.
Leaves trifoliate as seen in picture.
Is it Derris trifoliata?

Yes Derris trifoliata indeed.

DER-riss — leather covering; referring to the tough seed pods
try-foh-lee-AY-tuh or try-foh-lee-AT-uh — three-leaved (bearing three leaflets)
Sep 22, 2008 … at Ghodbunder Fort, Thane, Maharashtra
commonly known as: common derris • Bengali: পান লতা panlata • Hindi: पान लता panlata • Konkani: फिर्ता firta • Marathi: करंज वेल karanj vel • Oriya: kelia • Sanskrit: अङ्गार वल्ली angaar valli • Telugu: అంగారవల్లి angarvalli, నల్ల తీగ nalla tiga
Native to: tropical Africa, s China, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, n Australia
some views: May 25, 2008 … at Vaghbil, Thane, Maharashtra
Jan 23, 2011 … along Ghodbunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra
Jul 5, 2009 … along NH8, near Sasunavghar, Thane, Maharashtra
Nov 15, 2008 … at Vaghbil, Thane, Maharashtra
May 25, 2008 … at Vaghbil, Thane, Maharashtra

Derris trifoliata
A climber brother of Pongamia pinnata from Konkan


Pongamia pinnat:
Large tree
Pongamia pinnata (Leguminosae) करंज Thane creek ,Mumbai , Maharashtra 19/11/2012

Negative. This is not Pongamia pinnata.

This looks like a species of Derris possibly the Mangrove Beanstalk [Derris trifoliata].

Agreeing with … thoughts – me too with Derris trifoliata.

Yes it is Derris trifoliata, commonly observed growing with mangrove associates in Mumbai,

Goa, May 2015 :: Requesting ID of this shrub :: ARKJUN-06/17 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (8)
Requesting to please ID this shrub growing near beach at Varca, Goa in May 2015.

Derris trifoliata A common mangrove associate

Derris trifoliata Lour.
along Ghodbunder Road on January 23, 2011
along NH No. 8 near Sasunavghar on July 5, 2009
at Vaghbil on November 15, 2008
at Ghodbunder fort on September 22, 2008
at Vaghbil on May 25, 2008

ID 3.11.17 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Location: Vasai
Date: 10.10.17
Remarks: salty land, surrounded by mangrove forest.

I think difficult with these images except for those who are very familiar with the species in the area.

Check for Derris species.

Derris trifoliata


at Akshi beach,Alibag- Feb.’09?; at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Chorao island, Goa in Feb 2009; Derris trifoliata – indiantreepix | Google Groups request for id – 110209_Goa mangroves_SSN_1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups


climber for id 20 07 2011 mm:  this climber was growing wild in goa, besides a paddyfield would very much appreciate an id

Derris trifoliata or Karanjvel, a mangrove associate but can grow a little away from saline water. In spite of the name it has 5 leaflets. 

via Species‎ > ‎D‎ > Derris trifoliata Lour. … family: Fabaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
DER-riss — leather covering; referring to the tough seed podsDave’s Botanary
try-foh-lee-AY-tuh or try-foh-lee-AT-uh — three-leaved (bearing three leaflets)Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: common derris, three-leaf derrisBengali: কালিয়া লতা kaliya lata, কালীলতা kalilata, পান লতা panlataHindi: पान लता panlataKannada: ಕ್ರಿಮಿನಾಶಿ kriminashiKonkani: फिर्ता firta, करंजवेल karanjvelMalayalam: പൊന്നാംവള്ളി ponnanvalliMarathi: करंज वेल karanj velOdia: କେଟିଆ ketiaTelugu: నల్లతీగ nallatiga
botanical names: Derris trifoliata Lour. … synonyms: Deguelia trifoliata (Lour.) Taub. • Deguelia uliginosa (Willd.) Baill. • Derris uliginosa (Willd.) Benth. • Pongamia uliginosa (Willd.) DC. • Robinia uliginosa Willd. … status at GBIF
May 25, 2008 … Vaghbil, Thane

Is it mangrove associate species.

Yes …, this plant is mangrove associate.


ID KANNUR 32 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Please identify this climber….. probably a Derris species, from Kannur District of Kerala.

PlCheck comparative images at efi site: Derris

Pl. ask for a better specimen with more leaves and opened flowers and fruits, Pl. don’t encourage for incomplete specimens for identification, It takes a lot of our valuable time.

Derris trifoliata




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