Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC. (syn: Desmodium quinquangulatum (Roxb.) Wight; Hedysarum articulatum Roxb.; Hedysarum dichotomum Willd.; Hedysarum diffusum Willd.; Hedysarum quinquangulatum Roxb.; Meibomia diffusa (Willd.) Kuntze);
des-MOH-dee-um — from the Greek desmos (band or chain), refers to jointed seed pods
dy-KAW-toh-mum — divided or forked in pairs
commonly known as: tick-trefoil desmodium • Marathi: चिकटा chikta
Native to: India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sudan
India (N); Andhra Pradesh ; Bihar ; Dadra-Nagar-Haveli ; Goa ; Gujarat; Karnataka; Kerala ; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra ; Orissa; Rajasthan ; Tamil Nadu ; Uttar Pradesh & other countries as per ILDIS;

Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC.
at Pune on September 29, 2007

Desmodium dichotomum: 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)
Sharing few photographs of Desmodium dichotomum (Family: Fabaceae).
Plant Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild
Date/Time: 29-09-2012 / 08:45AM
Location: Mankhurd (Mumbai).

Nice photographs but this does not look like Chikta [Desmodium dichotomum] to me. As the name ‘Chikta’ suggests, if the obverse side of a leaf is pressed against a garment, it sticks. Have serious doubts whether the leaves of your plant would do the same. Please check.
Am sending my photographs of Chikta for comparison.
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…, I strongly believe your plant is Desmodium laxiflorum.


Kindly validate ID..
Desmodium dichotomum?? (Family: Fabaceae).
Plant Habit: Herb
Habitat: Wild
Date/Time: 29-09-2012 / 08:45AM
Location: Mankhurd (Mumbai).

Desmodium dichotomum



help for id – indiantreepix | Google Groups :  5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Requesting help for id this plant.  Photographed from Kollam district Kerala.

The plant in question seems to be Indigofera. I am not sure of the species.

This could be Chikta (Desmodium dichotomum). See this
or probably a different species of Desmodium. They are a bit confusing.

Links for more details of Desmodium dichotomum: Links for more details of Desmodium dichotomum: http://www.tropicalforages.Desmodium_dichotomum.htm,,, (picture only)

Ya its an chikta Desmodium dichotomum

Date: 23/10/2011
Place: Assam
Habit: Herb

Can you upload fotos of the leaves? This looks close to Desmodium laxiflorum.

I am sorry. I have tried my photo stock to upload the leave images. From my field note.. it was 3 foliate, and size is smaller than D laxiflorum, middle leave is elliptic. I have attached here pics of D laxiflorum from my library. The floral arrangement and size of the flower is different. Moreover. it is hirsute here.

Some Desmodium sp.

I think closer to images at Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC.

a picture for Identification : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

PA052039.JPG image is of Desmodium
But i cant get the species……..
so Please help me out

Any details or any other picture showing details?

Can it be Desmodium triquetrum (Kak-ganja)?
See the links: http://www.hoefsmid26.pap_desmodium_triquetrum.jpg (a drawing), (a picture),

For Desmodium id, flowers are of no use. Please send leaves and fruit pictures if poss

Though insufficient details, it appears closer to images at Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC.

On 11/10/09 in Ananthagiri HIll forest in Rangareddy district of Andhra Pradesh.; For Id Climber- 021109Jm1 – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Desmodium for id: 2 high res. images.
Request for I’d of Desmodium from Bilaspur. Photographed in October 2022.

Bouffordia dichotoma (Willd.) H.Ohashi & K.Ohashi  Syn : Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC.

I also agree as per images at Desmodium dichotomum


Fabaceae: Desmodium laxiflorum DC.: 2 high res. images.
location/date (both): Kolkas, Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Amravati Distr., Maharashtra, November 1994

It is Desmodium dichotomum as per (POWO specimen)
Looks different from images at

Now: Bouffordia dichotoma (Willd.) H.Ohashi & K.Ohashi

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