Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels, Pflanzenr. IV, 94: 225 1910. (syn. Cebatha macrocarpa (Wight & Arn.) Kuntze; Cocculus glaucescens Blume; Cocculus macrocarpa Wight; Diploclisia inclyta Miers; Diploclisia lepida Miers; Diploclisia macrocarpa (Wight & Arn.) Miers; Diploclisia pictinervis Miers; Menispermum glaucescens Spreng.; Quinio cocculoides Schltdl.);
China (Yunnan, NW-Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan), Java, India (Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Philippines (Tawitawi, Mindanao), Moluccas (Halmaheira, Sula Isl., Ceram), ?W-New Guinea, Andaman Isl. (South Andaman Isl.), Nicobar Isl. (Great Nicobar Isl.), Myanmar [Burma] (Kachin, Kayin, Mon, Taninthayi) as per Catalogue of Life;
India: In sheltered forests, up to 1500 m. Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andaman islands; Sri Lanka, Myanmar, S. China, Thailand, Indo-china and Malesia as per BSI flora of India;
Glaucous Diploclisia • Marathi: वाटणवेल Vatan-vel, वाटोळी Vatoli • Tamil: Kottaiyachachi • Malayalam: batta-valli, natsjatam • Konkani: Ravnito vatoli vetyel;


Came across this profusely fruiting Climber on the way to Matheran. I had seen these fruits only at one location throughout my trek. Great site to watch..
Date/Time: 17-07-2010 / 10:40AM
Location: On the way to Matheran from Panvel side.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Climber

Leaves: absent when photographed.

This is Diploclisia glaucescens (Menispermaceae), i hope.

As said by … this plant is indeed Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels in Engler from the family Menispermaceae. It is a woody vine with lovely inconspicuously peltate leaves profuse flowering occurs in this plant hence you saw the later stage!!

Kindly see a tentative description & illustration of the plant from Eflora of China, hope it will help you to compare with the plant you have seen.
Flowers of the plant from the FOI posted by Dinesh Ji.

gnitum ?????????? do not know correct spelling. primitive plant. only creeper in gymnosperm?

Gnetum sp is from from Gnetaceae a gymnospermic family.
This plant is Diploclisia glaucescens from the family Menispermaceae.

Sharing few snaps of the leaves and the seed of Diploclisia glaucescens.
Location: Matheran hills. 3 images.

A Liana for ID.
On way to Sawantwadi in the ghats of Amboli.
White coloured clusters of fruits visible.
A twig with cordate leaves and a fruit.

… could it be some species of Cissampelos ?

I think you are right … I hope this is Cissampelos pareira L.

Any possibility of this being Diploclisia glaucescens

This is as … has correctly said Diploclisia glaucescens, seen at Matheran. Has a lot of medicinal value.

… would there be more than one liane / climber ?
The cordate leaves look like that of Cissampelos pareira … and fruit on the twig alongside leaves, intriguingly look similar to those hanging in clusters in other photos..
As such would rather think of Gnetum scandens.

the first pic is mostly fruits, fruits are seen along with the backside of a bunch of leaves in 2nd pic, the third pic is very much leaves of Diploclisia glaucescens. Yes they do resemble Cissampelos, but not quite. I think I have uploaded leaves pics some time back as seen in Matheran in March ’09, I saw the  fruits in June ’09. Attaching the same along with other fruits I had put a quiz to my Botany friends! The pic numbered 1 is Diploclisia glaucescens. Hope this helps.

Agreed …, convinced … … just convinced me.
Have noticed one thing … give a wrong guess in this group … it does not live for long !!!!

… and others are absolutely right – Diploclisia glaucescense called Vatoli in Marathi.
BTW whatever made you think of Gnetum? honestly I would like to know.
The fruits are so obviously of an angiosperm plant- and no gymnosperm features showing. Long working hours hmm

The award of bright thinking of Gnetum goes to me, …!!! Others are not as capable !! 🙂

does any one have sighting of Gnetum fruits ? … would like to see it in a separate post … many thanks.

… had posted the same some time back.

bit of technical info. : Gnetum being a gymnosperm cannot have fruit-as other flowering plants do. It has seed, as after all the term
“Gymnosperm” means naked seed. It does look like a fruit in some cases (outer cover being coloured or pulpy).
Gnetum ula which we have around here, has seeds in a row on the “cone” which is like a long shoot. All Menispermaceae climbers (incl.
Diploclisia) will have a branched infl. hence fruits will be on branched peduncles
Sorry couldn’t resist telling this.. it took me some time to recover from the fact that you ided all Diploclisia as Gnetum..
BTW hope you make allowances for Puneri comments!

Gnetum is a peculiar Gynosperm, and therefore you are perfectly right if you call the seeds fruits, as does all the books, because of the pulpy nature of the fruits!!



Diploclasia glaucescens ( Menispermaceae)-climber. – indiantreepix | Google Groups : 1 post by 1 author. 2 images.
This little known climber was also seen at matheran Maharashtra on 8th March’09. Flowers are microscopic and highly branched and the terminal is functioning as the turner. Many alkaloids are discovered from this climber so far.

Liana for ID:  3 images.

I think this is Diploclisia glaucescens. Observed on Karnala fort Maharashtra. 7th Feb 2011

– Affirmative … It looks like Watoli [Diploclisia glaucescens] but a photograph of the leaves would be helpful.



Diploclisia glaucescens Marathi: वाटोळी.
Family: Menispermaceae
Another commonly observed Liana in Phansad.
Lucky to shoot these flowers in a close up mode.
I had last seen its white fruits near Amboli.

– Nice photo of watoli.
I have seen this plant at dandeli & karnala in veg.state.


Diploclisia glaucescens: 2 images.

Marathi name : Vatoli

At Phansad WLS 16March,2012

Fruits of Diploclisia glaucescens.
(Due to poor light, i had used flash.)  
Fruits were looking like hanging lamps.
Dajipur, Maharashtra.

Please help me to identify this big liana found in a riparian habitat of a rain forest.
Sorry for the poor photographs. I cannot locate the leaves here but only the fruits measuring 3×2 cm.
Place: Vaalparai, TN
Alt.: 960 m asl
Date: 13 July 2012

Try checking with Diploclisia!

Fruits look similar to those of Diploclisia glaucescens (Family: Menispermaceae).

Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels is the only species of this Genus reported from Tamil Nadu. The descriptions from Flora of South Indian Hills by Fyson matches with my plant except that Fyson mentioned the the drupes are reddish.


Affirmative. This is Diploclisia glaucescens. This photograph was taken at Khandala a fortnight ago.


Diploclisia glaucescens – ESSK FEB 06 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1).
Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels is a huge climbing shrub belongs to the family Menispermaceae. Recently, we have seen discharging fine water drops from its leaves during summer months.
It is a nice plants for Pagoda and will give a cool stay its underneath.

Really interesting post

Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels SNApril 10 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (4)
Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels,
a wild woody climber from Sirumalai, Dindugul dt Tamilnadu




identification no 040615sn1 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7)
Kindly help in identification
date/time:july 14
location:aambyvalley rd.,lonavala,pune
plant habit:tree?
height:more 15-20 ft.
other info:beside a stream

the way the branch is twining pics 5 and 6 it seems a Liana

I think, these are the fruits of “Diploclisia glaucescens“, Menispermaceae family..!!

… is right.

Fwd: Kindly Help me to Identify the tree _Cauliflory Condition : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
I herewith appended 2 images of tree which is unknown for me. Kindly Help me to Identify the tree.

Thanks, … Pl. give details of place, time & habitat etc.

Could this be a liana ? The nature of blooming reminds me of Diploclisia glaucescens.

I agree with …

Images by tspkumar



58-TSP-ID-07MAY2016-1:A liana at Kottigehara for ID : 8 posts by 5 authors.

Kindly identify this liana. 

Habit: Woody climber, liana 

Habitat: Wild, Evergreen forest 

Sighting: Kottigehara, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1000 msl 

Date: 06-05-2016

Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels

Yes Diploclisia glaucescens

Diploclisia glaucescens indeed वाटोळी


ID GK 050517 1 : 4 posts by 1 author. Attachments (1)
Please identify this woody climber from Kannur district of Kerala. Is it Diploclisia sp? altitude is about 350 feet

To me appears close to images at Diploclisia glaucescens, but I am not sure.

Yes…… It is.

It is Diploclisia glaucescens only.  

Amboli Ghat Maharashtra
Date: 23 DEC 2014 … Altitude: from 400 m to 700 m asl
Not much aspects to show; thus not too keen in getting ID.
This Menispermaceae vine seen along the ghat road, slender leafless stem, with clusters of flowers and fruits at some places.
The tiny flower could be measuring just about 2 mm across; the tiny fruits could be 3 – 4 mm across.
The flower cluster reminds of Diploclisia glaucescens; hoping that the cluster of tiny fruits would mature and assume much larger size.
ID please

Yes the flowers look like D.glaucascens but I have never seen them borne on such tiny branches.

Diploclisia glaucescens, Karnala : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (10)
this beauiful liana
Diploclisia glaucescens
was flowering in Karnala, Maharashtra
seen on 25th of march 2018

Diploclisia glaucescens – en-route Matheran-30th june-2018 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)

Seen this climber en-route Matheran.
Bot name: Diploclisia glaucescens
Family: Menispermaceae

I feel this is Gnetum ula, a gymnosperm. Kindly check.


at matheran Maharashtra on 8th March’09; at Amba, Near Vishalgad, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra on 22nd October 2008; On the way to Matheran from Panvel side;

Some more photos of UnID climber from Amba – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Climber for Id – indiantreepix | Google Groups
Diploclisia glaucescens – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH :: Diploclisia glacescens :: ARK2019-86 : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)

This was seen by the roadside near Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH in Aug 2019.
This was identified as Diploclisia glaucescens.
I quite liked the leaves, circular in shape. I think I may have missed the profuse fruiting that is seen in the efi pics posted by others.

matches … case on FOI. and did you get to take pictures of the moss?


ID No. 02042011 RD02: 2 images.

Help to identify this sp.
Date/Time-02/04/2011– 09 AM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Assam, Alt 90m
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-Wild Type
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- CLIMBER (woody)
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Not seen
Inflorescence Type/ Size- as seen in the photos
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- Greenish White,
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- Not seen

I guess Diploclisia glaucescens (Menispermaceae)

May be Diploclisia glaucescens

Looks slightly different from flowers at Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels

I think id is correct. Also I think that is the only species found in India.


ID request for these seeds. : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 2 authors.

They’re about the same size as Tamarind seeds,
Nagpuri Forest, Karnataka, March 2013.
There are actually compartments inside each fruit. Under each groove there is a flat yellowish seed .

Also, found in animal excreta.

Could this be a Grewia species ?

Thank you for forwarding this post, I found out that these are the seeds of Diploclisia glaucescens, a woody climber in the Menispermaceae family.


Climber for I’d on trek to Matheran, Maharashtra: 1 high res. image.
On 4.2.23 at around 1500 ft.


Yes, apears close to images at


Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels :: Matheran :: May 22, 2023 · 3:15 PM IST: 4 images.
Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels
Matheran, Raigad, Maharashtra :: May 22, 2023 · 3:15 PM IST :: about 800 m (2,625 feet) asl


Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels :: Matheran :: May 22, 2023 · 10:31 AM IST: 6 images.
Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels
Matheran, Raigad, Maharashtra :: May 22, 2023 · 10:31 AM IST :: about 800 m (2,625 feet) asl


Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels :: Matheran :: May 22, 2023 · 12:56 PM IST: 3 images.

Diploclisia glaucescens (Blume) Diels

Matheran, Raigad, Maharashtra :: May 22, 2023 · 12:56 PM IST :: about 800 m (2,625 feet) asl

Yes, beautiful presentation