Elaeocarpus species ?;




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eleocarpus for identification: Another sapling for confirmation of identity 

I got this sapling from a small nursery in Pune
Would very much appreciate knowing its identity 

i think this is Elaeocarpus ganitrus




Need Id of seedling:  

I have collected a few seeds of the attached near Dandeli, along the road side. Not expecting they would germinate, I sowed them in poly bags at home and within 5 days they germinated. Unfortunately I do not pictures of the mother tree, but have attached a few pictures of the seedlings and the seed.

Sorry if I’m asking too much from what I have, I am very new to flora and am very interested in learning more.

I have checked biotik.org and the closest I could match to the leaves of the seedlings are of Elaeocarpus munronii. I’m not sure.


Date/Time- May 2011

Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Dandeli, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild, in Semi-evergreen forest

Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Tree

Height/Length- 20-25 meters

Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Simple

Inflorescence Type/ Size-

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-

Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- Hard and irregular textures

I think we should wait for the mature leaves, at least to go for a guess.



Unknown Tree: I found this tree growing quite commonly in Hulikal, Karnataka, there were plenty of these trees in the forest and all of them had new leaves growing.

id help appreciated.

Please send the close up of the leaves and fruits.

Sir the tree was not fruiting at the time..and could not get leaf closeups as the tree had its branches very high..it is easily one of the giants of the forest with large buttressed trunks.

Thanks … By the by where is Hulikal. Since I am in Mysore, Karnataka now, I want to know so that if / when I visit that place I can look out for the tree.

There is a chance for Elaeocarpus sp?

I too have a feeling that it is an Elaeocarpus species. Family Elaeocarpaceae.



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