Images by Balkar Singh, (Satish Phadke – Id by Prashant Awale), (Nidhan Singh – Id by N.P.Balkrishnan), (For
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Euphorbia Cognata from Morni Hills Haryana -15072011: Euphorbia cognata
A herb from Morni Hills Haryana 

This plant is used as an ornamental in North America 




This looks similar to my last post, still posting separately to avoid any confusion..

This Euphorbia was very common in Chakrata area…

Is this also Euphorbia wallichii ??

Fruits are warty, it may be E. pilosa (as number of rays are lesser, in E. cognata (leaves entire, fruits sparingly warty) and E. cornigera (leaves serrulate) rays are usually many

… may give better identification.

If this plant is with unbranched or sparingly branched main stem, then
this seems to be Euphorbia cornigera Boiss. var. cognata (Klotzsch) Binojk. & N.P.Balakr. In this variety the tuberles on ovary and fruits are fewer than in var. cornigera



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