Ficus carica L., Sp. Pl. 1059 1753. (Syn: Caprificus insectifera Gasp.; ….);
India (Cultivated throughout), East Mediterranean, West Asia, Turkey to Afghanistan. Widely cultivated for figs as per Synopsis of the Genus Ficus L. (Moraceae) in India Lal Babu Chaudhary*, Jana Venkata Sudhakar, Anoop Kumar, Omesh Bajpai, Rinkey Tiwari and G. V. S. Murthy- Taiwania, 57(2): 193-216, 2012;
Anjeer, Common Fig • Hindi: अंजीर Anjeer • Marathi: अंजीर Anjeer • Tamil: Simaiyatti • Kannada: Anjura • Konkani: अंजीर Anjir • Urdu: انجیر Anjeer; 



Fruits & Vegetables Week: Ficus carica, the Fig:   Ficus carica, the Fig, common fruit of temperate and subtropical climates, consumed fresh, dried or candied. also used in the preparation of Fig wine and brandy. Considered laxative. Here are my photographs from Kashmir, Delhi and Californis

Local names
Hindi: Beng, Guj & Mar: Anjir
Tel: Anjuru, manjimedi, simayatti
Tam: Simaiyatti, tenatti
Kan: Anjura
Mal: Simayatti



Our favourite Ficus carica (Fig) tree in our house in Balgarden, Srinagar, Kashmir. Photographed today. Especially for … and … The fruits ripen in succession and if we miss plucking it, they are gone next day. Birds like them more than us.

I have seen the plant, but not fruiting. It was in the garden in one of relatives house.
We use to take the big leaves for eating breakfast on it.

Here is the photo of my fig tree.

One more information regarding this fig tree.  I was successful in air layering a branch of this tree and gifted it to my sister.  Now the new tree is growing fine in a container. Hope one day it will fruit.

Once i am allowed to move around my first visit should be your balacany. In that place how you manage to grow figs, watermelon, orchids and what not!

very nice,  I can attest to the fact that there is nothing like your own home grown figs, that you pluck at your own peril, because the birds complain if you pick off too many… Was wondering if any particular cultivar does well in hot and humid

I am attaching a ripe fig taken by me here in Muscat,at one of the Plant Nurseries on 12/2/10.

Really nice. How did birds allow it to ripen that much. Here if it is not birds, a semi-ripe fruit starts splitting from top usually into three parts.

Ficus carica: I want to know what type of climatic conditions are required to successfully grow Ficus carica-the fig and get the fruits. Is it possible to grow it in Delhi climate.

Yes  … They are already grown at several places in Delhi. Just choose a well protected place, not very sunny if you want larger and juicy fruits. Give good water.




Sharing this fig ( Moraceae), photographed at Betul, MP. It was a planted shrub.
Dated- 14 th Dec 11.
Tree Height- appx-9-10 mts.
Bark- Light coloured ( yellowish white) and smooth.
Leaves- Broad, oblong with toothed margins, stalked, dark green above and light green below,rough.
Toothed leaves suggests it could b Ficus palmata. Please confirm.

Please check with Ficus carica. It is commonly cultivated for their fruits.

…, I ruled out Ficus carica as leaves are not lobed.
If leaves of Ficus carica are not lobed (as in dis case) is there any Other identifying feature ???
Could it b Ficus palmata?

F. carica leaves are thick, broad-ovate nearly orbicular with 3-5 lobed, 10-20 cm long, rough above, pubescent beneath (Ref. Pullaiah & Sandhya Rani, 1999. Trees of Andhra Pradesh, India. Regency Publications, New Delhi.

Ficus carica L.
In Images 3732 and 3731 some leaves are three lobed, in some cases leaves found to be entire due to variations in ecological conditions. As in link below: 



Fig in a container : 7 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)

This fig is growing in our balcony in a container. This I bought from a nursery in Vapi. The fruits are very sweet and fruits all round the year.

… tempted to say: anjeer, the edible fig, Ficus carica … because the fruits look like it, the leaves do not.
Please wait for comment(s).

I thought it looks like Ficus callosa but not sure!

By any chance can you please try to cut the fruit longitudinally into  half and send picture of it along with a picture of properly spread leaves. That is always useful for identification of Ficus. It would be useful for our records. It would also be appreciated if you could give an identification  request following our guidelines. That helps in maintaining the database of pictures that are being sent for identification purpose.

I agree with you, could be Ficus carica. Leaves in this species show a lot of variation.

Any chance of getting shots of single, mature leaves and entire tree? While leaf shape varies within F. carica, I’ve not seen ones that are almost entire before. The way the fruits are held does suggest F. carica.

11 (10)

The following key from eflora of Pakistan would suggest occurrence of both unlobed and lobed leaves in F. carica:

Leaves 3-5-lobed                                                                                              (12)

+ Leaves unlobed or slightly lobed   (13)
12 (11) Leaf-lobes spathulate, densely soft hairy, especially on nerves beneath, apically few dentate. Petiole frequently more than 2- cm long   11 Ficus carica
+ eaf-lobes not spathulate, slightly hairy to glabrescent scabrous beneath. Petiole up to 2 (-3) cm long   12 Ficus johannis
13 (11) Hypanthodia pedunculate   (26)
+ Hypanthodia sessile or subsessile   (14)
26 (13) Leaves polymorphic with the midrib forked or simple and penninerved, black glands present in forks or axils of nerves beneath   15 Ficus deltoidea
+ Leaves not polymorphic, without glands in the axis of nerves beneath   (27)
27 (26) Young shoots, lower surface of lamina and figs. rusty-pubescent   14 Ficus rubiginosa
+ Not as above   (28)
28 (27) Leaves scabrous above, soft hairy to glabrescent beneath   (29)
+ Leaves completely glabrous on both sides   (30)
29 (28) Lamina usually longer than broad, serrate, basally cordate   11 Ficus carica
+ Lamina nearly as long as broad, dentate-serrate, basally cunsate to rotundate or truncate-subcordate   24 Ficus palmata


Ficus carica, from FRLHT garden. Fruits edible as well as medicinal. 



Sending photos of Ficus carica.
Name : Ficus carica
Common name : Fig, Anjeer in Hindi
Place  :  1st Photo is the fig growing in our balcony
             2nd, 3rd and 4th – photo of fig sapling near Kopar Railway station, Dombivli.
Others :  Fig fruit is a Medicine for diabetic people


Ficus species : 5 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)- 3 Mb each.
Habitat tree

Fruit colour green red
Location mawal
District pune

Attachments (1) – 4 Mb.

Attachments (1) – 3 Mb. 

Attachments (1) – 4 Mb. 

Ficus cairica.




Re: Ficus carica L. : 8 posts by 1 author. Attachments (2)- 1 mb and 4 mb. 
Location: Gyaneswor, Kathmandu
Date: 15 August  2019
Elevation: 1300 m.

Habitat : Cultivated 

Yummy !
Nepali Names: अन्जीर Anjeer/ भोटे दाख  Bhote Daakh/ नेभारो Nebhaaro 

Attachments (2)- 2 mb and 3 mb.  

Attachments (2)- 2 mb and 4 mb.  

Attachments (1) – 1 mb.

Correction : भोटे दाख  Bhote Daakh


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