Indian Gamboge, Sri Lanka gamboge; Tamil: ireevalsinni (இரேவற்சின்னி), Iravasinni, Makki.  Malayalam: Chigiri, Iravi.  Kannada: Ardala, Devana huli, Jirigehuli, Murina huli, Ponpuli;  

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Is this any species of Garcinia or Calophyllum?
Family: Clusiaceae
Date: 6th March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Short tree

Garcinia morella

Thank you sir, what are its specific identifying features?
Family: Clusiaceae
Date: 14th November 2015
Place: Hebri, Udupi District, Karnataka

Habit: Tree
Habitat: Next to a river in a semi-evergreen forest

when i see your Karnataka forest  flora pictures, it reminds me there is so much we still do not know about tropical forests. we means mainly myself i guess. if these things have been described in details by people gone by in days gone by

Each time I see a new plant, I feel the same way as well, …


Can anyone tell me what are the specific locations in India where i can get the following plants
Illiceum verum
Calophyllum apetalum
Pinanga dickonii
Garcinia Morella

You can get all these plants except Illiceum verum from Kerala. You can get it from Kerala Forest Research Institute ( Peechi or Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute ( Palode. You can send  a formal letter to the Director(s) of those institute for its availability.