Which tree? Imphal Manipur – efloraofindia | Google Groups:
This tree is in kangla Fort in Imphal, Manipur.
I am told that its fruit is edible and sweet

Is this one “Litchi tree”? Litsea chinensis

No it is not. The leaves of the Litchi tree are much smaller in size. And I know Litchi tree. Could it be Amura Rohituka. Locally it is known as Heirang goi.

The leaves look simple. Amoora/ Litchie or most members of their family will not have simple leaves.
from the interpetioler stipules you can try searching Rubiaceae to start with. Kanjilal’s flora of Assam might help.

My first guess would be Garcinia xanthochymus. The fruits are said to be “sweet & acid”. Needs more info.

Yes it is some Garcinia species. the leaves are coriaceous and opposite.

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