Gossypium species;
Genus :  Gossypium
Species:  Gossypium kleenexia  (caav.) Delz. Ex. Delz and Ginsb..
Vernacular names:  They had me going…  now its your turn.
I spotted these cotton plant branches ready for some dry flower arrangement in a florist shop in my town a few years ago…
Now look at PICTUREs 1, 1a and Picture 2 and then come back and read the following.
I was minding my own business, walking,  doing some serious window shopping  on a sunny late summer afternoon… in  a suburban village near NYC…   (spotted some nice flowers in my favorite flower shop,   where I often would take some pictures for the owner… )   and guess what beckoned me on….   I think they said  new stock of cotton plants for dry flower arrangement had come in… could I please take some pictures for them?   As usual I was happy to do some clicking for their in-house magazine….   I took quite a few pictures… and then  got closer… my body language must have changed from happy  to dismay… I heard a gaggle of titter from the sales girls and the owner… they had me ….   Was not April… this was late summer… not Halloween either…  just
Summer madness…   Had a wonderful laugh together…
Enjoy… I did , they did , and many countless others also had been had that summer afternoon…

But Di they have really taken pains. Great. Nicely fooled