Hibiscus vitifolius L., Sp. Pl. 696 1753. (syn: Abelmoschus vitifolius (L.) Hassk.; Fioria vitifolia (L.) Mattei; Hibiscus heterotrichus DC.; Hibiscus lepidospermus Miq.; Hibiscus natalitius Harv.; Hibiscus obtusifolius Willd.; Hibiscus strigosus Schumach. & Thonn. ; Hibiscus vitifolius var. heterotrichus (DC.) Hochr.; Hibiscus vitifolius var. ricinifolius Hochr.; Hibiscus vitifolius subsp. vitifolius );
hi-BIS-kus — Greek, Latin name for a mallow-like plant … Dave’s Botanary
vy-tee-FO-lee-us — having leaves like a grape … Dave’s Botanary
commonly known as: five-winged capsule rose-mallow, grape leaved mallow, tropical fanleaf, tropical rose mallowBengali: বনকাপাস banakapasaGujarati: જંગલી ભીંડો jangli bhindo, ડાખલીયો ભીંડો dakhliyo bhindo, વન ભીંડો van bhindo, વન કપાસ van kapasHindi: बन ओकरा ban okraKannada: ಮಣಿ ತುತ್ತೀ ಗಿಡ mani thutthi gida, ಪಿಂಡೀ ಸೊಪ್ಪು pindi soppuKonkani: धाकटो काळो भेंडो dhakto kalo bhendoMalayalam: കാട്ടുവെള്ളൂരം kaattu vellooramMarathi: वनकपास vankapasSanskrit: भारद्वाजी bharadvaji, वनकार्पास vanakarpasaTamil: சிறுதுத்தி ciru-tutti, மணித்துத்தி mani-t-tuttiTelugu: అడవి పత్తి adavi patthi, ఇసుక రావి isuka ravi, కారు పత్తి kaaru patthi
Native of: South Africa; distribution not clear; perhaps naturalized in India … please validate. 


Malvaceae Week : Fioria vitifolia from Panipat:
Fioria vitifolia
From assandh Road Near Khukhrana Village Panipat
wild along Roadside Area

I think it should be planted one.

No Sir everywhere in roadside areas growing wild in abundance


Malvaceae week: RVS7: Hibiscus vitifolius:
Hibiscus vitifolius (= Fioria vitifolia), a common plant along waysides and around fields (in TN). Unlike in other species of Hibiscus, the fruits in this species are 5-lobed and 5-winged.

“Sharmila Hibiscus” as always flowers like jhuki jhuki si nazar

Flora of Panipat: Fioria vitifolia from assandh Road Near Khukhrana Village Panipat haryana:
From Assandh Road Near Khukhrana Panipat (220 Mts)
Pics on 11-8-11
Wild in roadside area

Now again Hibiscus vitifolius


fruit seed : Hibiscus vitifolius(syn. Fioria vitifolia) from Hooghly:
Attaching images of this common wild roadside herb.

Species : Hibiscus vitifolius L.(syn. Fioria vitifolia)
Habit & Habitat : wild herb, 4 ft., stooping flowers
Date : 21-04-2012, 1.35 p.m.
Place : Hooghly, WB

Malvaceae week – Kostelezkya vitifolia? – 08-09-11 – RK2:
Pic taken in Srirangapatna, Karnataka on 13.11.09 at 9.30am.

Correctly known as Hibiscus vitifolius


Grape leaved Mallow is it?? :  This plant is growing almost like a bush on road side in Bandhavgarh. Pl validate the Id or pl correct it otherwise.

You are right, …
The accepted name as per TPL, however, is Hibiscus vitifolius. http://www.theplantlist.org/tpl/record/kew-2850698

Yes Hibiscus vitifolia.

Here have been two extensive discussions covering 64 mails on our group why Hibiscus vitifolia should be the correct name and not Kosteletzkya vitifolia
The simple conclusion reached was: My simple conclusion is that perhaps Almeida and Patil were wrong in assigning Hibiscus vitifolia L. to genus Kostelzkya. The genus is separated from Hibiscus in having single ovule (and seed) in each locule, whereas Hibiscus vitifolius has 2-4 per locule as a rule. I think here lies the answer. This leaves the validity of combination made by Almeida and Patil without much meaning”.

Yes , you are right, …: we have had this very enlightening conversation and … himself has submitted one case during the Malvaceae week the link

Wild plant ID request – RK29 – 25-Oct-2012:  Another id request of this wild plant of about 4 -5 feet high from Vasai region.

Its Kosteletzkya vitifolia

Hibiscus vitifolia
Kosteletzkya vitifolia is not a legitimate name, as genus is characterized by locules with single seed in each fruit chamber, a feature not taken into account by Almeida and Patil when making this combination.

We have had this issue discussed during malvaceae week. at great length …
interesed members may do search at this site: efi thread


Hibiscus sp. ID :: Hooghly, WB SK : I think these images are of *Hibiscus vitifolius*. If it holds true then the Bengali name given to this plant is BONKAPAS (BON = junglee/wild/forest etc.), vide page 1094, Plant Groups by H Mukherji (New Central Book Agency, 1981 edition, reprinted in 2005.

I regret that I didn’t take any other profile of the plant except the flower.
Species : Hibiscus vitifolius ???
Habitat : wild herb, beside a pond, can be found in roadside bushes too
Date : 16-Nov-2011, 11.51 A.M.
Place : Chanditala (Hooghly District), West Bengal. It is also present everywhere in Hooghly.

Agreed …, it is Hibiscus vitifolius (= Fioria vitifolia).
Nice pictures!

Hooghly Today : Hibiscus vitifolius L.  :
Bengali name : BAN-KAPAS (বন কাপাস)

Beautiful two-in-one (flower and the butterfly).

Hibiscus vitifolius L. : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Hibiscus vitifolius L.; Fam: Malvaceae
undershrub, flowering up to 1000m altitude

Good one …


Hibiscus vitifolius L.  : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)
I have three previous posts of Hibiscus vitifolius L., a common wild herb/sub-shrub. Yet I submit this one again only because this is the first time I see this flower in a straight face! The flowers of this species are always drooping.


Hooghly-skDec07- Hibiscus vitifolius L. : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (9)

Please help me in identifying this small shrub found on roadsides and in villages. This is a Malvaceae abundant post-monsoon, growing not more than 1.5m tall.
Location: outskirts of Theni town, TN
Alt.: 340 m asl
Date: 12 Nov 2014

Hibiscus vitifolius L.

Yes supporting … Earlier known as Fioria vitifolia.

Hibiscus vitifolius subsp. vulgaris Brenan & Exell, Bol. Soc. Brot., sér. 2, 32: 73 1958
Syn: Fioria vitifolia ssp. vulgaris (Brenan & Exell) S. Abedin
Also sometimes known as Kosteletezkya vitifolia but unfortunately Almeida & Patil, while giving this combination in JBNHS 93(1): 111, 1996, failed to give basionym, and as such the combination can’t be considered as legitimate according to ICBN rules
Photographed from Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand

Hibiscus vitifolius L.
at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary on October 10, 2009
at Valley Park, CBD, Navi Mumbai on November 3, 2007 

Malvaceae Fortnight ::Hibiscus radiatus ?? NSJ 01 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Hibiscus radiatus found at Satara. Pl. validate.

I hope this is Hibiscus vitifolius..can you submit few more pics …?


Malvaceae Fortnight- Post 32 :: Hibiscus vitifolius from Panipat: NS August 17/17 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (7)
This is a common wild species of Hibiscus in our area..
Hibiscus vitifolius

ID: 09.11.2016 SM 2 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
At Haripal, Hooghly, West Bengal on 09.11.2016

Side view of the flower showing calyx etc. is important for I’d.

Hibiscus vitifolius, perhaps.

Thanks, …, for the Id. I think matches with images at Hibiscus vitifolius


Plant for ID :: Mumbai :: ARKNOV19  : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

This plant was seen in the Aarey forest in Mumbai in December 2015.
Is it possible to ID these based on these pics only?

Malvaceae ?

Most probably Hibiscus vitifolius.

Abroma angusta  Ulta kamal

Thanks … for the feedback.

I again saw a similar plant in Aarey last Sunday, attached are the pics. Will these help to nail down the species? Attachments (6)

I think …  is right.

Thanks …, I take it to be Hibiscus vitifolius

Malvaceae week Abutilon ? spp from Nashik for identification : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)
attaching images of Malvaceae plant from Nashik which looks like Abutilon ? but has epicalyx, flowers had fallen but for a bud whose dissected images are attached please identify

Does not seem to match with images of Abutilon at

Fruit in one image is winged, then it should be Hibiscus vitifolius L.

Matches with H vitifolius


[efloraofindia:32458] Malvaceae for id 170410MK1 : 33 posts by 9 authors. Attachments (4).
plase id this Malvaceae member.

Is this undershrub Hibiscus vitifolius L.?


08-01-2009 / 4:00 PM

Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-

Sathamangalam RF; 1000msl

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-

floors of dry deciduous forests

Plant Habit-

erect under-shrub


Up to 1 metre

Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-

lobed; ca.5cm length

Inflorescence Type/ Size-


Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-

yellow; ca. 8cm across

Yes … it is Hibiscus vitifolius L

check with Fioria vitifolia (L.) Mattei

This plant is indeed Hibiscus vitifolius or we can also say Kosteletzkya vitifolia from Malvaceae. Although the recent accepted name I hope is Fioria vitifolia. The name come from its Vitis like or we can say from the grape [Vitis vinifera /common grape vine/ Vitaceae] like leaf of it…

Can u please tell me how can one say if Hibiscus vitifolius, Kosteletezkya vitifolia and Fioria vitifolia are one and the same…I have been getting confused with scientific names…if they are same why there are different names..

Not sure of your query, whether it is about the validity of the synonymy among the 3 names OR is it that the synonyms are in far placed genera.

Not sure of answers from botanical perspective, but that these names are related to each other as synonyms, and Hibiscus vitifolius is the current accepted name.
Here are few links in this regard:
Fioria Gallery, at
Malvaceae Info
Hoping to have not misunderstood your query.

Firstly I will like to tell you that I am not at all comfortable with using suffix like Sir and all with my name, better off with simply Tanay. Hope you will keep my request and will proceed calling me by my name in coming conversations.

I will try to answer your question up to my merit and knowledge. ……
Fioria vitifolia (Linn.) Mattei, Bol. R. Orto Bot. Palermo. 2:71. 1916.

Hibiscus vitifolius Linn., Sp. Pl. 696. 1753. Mast. in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:338. 1874; Borss. in Blumea 14:82. 1966; Stewart in Nasir & Ali, Ann. Cat. Vase. Pl. Pak. Kash. 480. 1972.

Kosteletzkya vitifolia (L.) M.R.Almeida & N.Patil, J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 93(1): 111. 1996.

Kosteletzkya vitifolia (L.) M.R.Almeida & N.Patil AND Hibiscus vitifolius Linn. are regarded as a synonym of Fioria vitifolia (Linn.) Mattei.

Hence Fioria vitifolia is the valid name for this particular plant.
My references are E-flora of Pakistan and ICBN Vienna Code 2005 (published in 2006).

For your kind information I will like to bring it to your notice that according to “E-Flora of Pakistan” the recent valid name is Fioria vitifolia (Linn.) Mattei and Hibiscus vitifolius Linn. is regarded as its synonym. Please check from the following link http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=5&taxon_id=250071289 

… will stand corrected about the currency of name … referred Aliuka where it mentions Hibiscus vitifolius L. subsp. vitifolius as current.

Did notice that eflora webpage … but did not feel satisfied with no mention of Kosteletzkya vitifolia…. besides it classifies other names among Lower Taxon and Related Synonym(s).

I will wait for other senior collegues to respond …. I really need to know the valid name of this plant quit interesting investigation is going on thanks to … for pointing it out.

Actually it’s a complex issue…seniors may contribute better.

There are few people working in my lab but they are still in investigation process and are still to come out with correct interpretation..
… I thought I might get some clue on it here…since last few months Fioria vitifolia is disturbing me…
There are interesting stories behind nomenclature of any sps u take…I am sure there wud be something coming out with Fioria if it is dug a bit more deeper…

Came across this very valuable and interesting information in Dr. Almeida’a flora of Mah. vol I. Attaching scanned copies of description with Dr. Almeida’s explanations and a line drawing of K.vitifolia. Hope this helps in resolving the ID and enhances the understanding of the nomenclature of this species.

Dr. Almeida clearly states that Hibiscus vitifolius is a synonym of Kosteletzkya vitifolia (Writeup1.jpg). In eflora of Pakistan it has been stated that Hibiscus vitifolius is synonym of Fioria vitifolia. Then we can conclude that all this named are synonyms of each other resceptively. I searched a lot but could not find all this three names together in any website or literature, always a permutation combination of two names can be found which is delimiting me from getting the recent valid name of the plant. Does anyone have any information regarding this, if yes kindly help to resolve the identification for this particular plant.

… you may have missed this link : … it has all the names.

Thank you very much …..I went to Aluka site with the page which has a herbarium specimen of the plant but hopefully missed this particular page thanks for you kind help then we can say that Hibiscus vitifolius L. in the valid name now. Thanks for all!!

Although it appears that the three are synonyms, things are not very clear. Unfortunately Almeida & Patil, while giving this combination in JBNHS 93(1): 111, 1996, failed to give basionym, and as such the combination can’t be considered as legitimate according to ICBN rules. The choice is between the other two Hibiscus vitifolius and Fioria vitifolia, although when recognising Fioria as a distinct genus Mattei again failed to give type of the genus, essential under the rules. It is not a simple priority issue, but a taxonomic decision whether you want to accept a broadly circumscribed Hibiscus, or leave it as paraphyletic and create smaller genera like Fiori. APG now advocates monophyletic taxa and as has been done by the abolition of monocots as distinct group in all recent phylogenetic classifications. In such cases it is safer to follow what has been done in the recent years.

If look at Fioria vitifolia, it has been recognised by eFlora of Pakistan (1979), USA (based on Loigier, H.A. 1994. Descriptive Flora of Puerto Rico and Adjacent Islands. Spermatophyta. Vols. 1-5. Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.), FloraBase: Western Australia (1996), Sivarajan & Pradeep (Malvaceae of Southern Penninsular India, 1996),
Those who include Fioria under Hibiscus include Eflora of China (1994), GRIN (1985-verified, 2000 updated, ssp. lukei, 2003), African Plant Database (updated 10-4-2010), ARS Database (1985, 2000) and several others.
The matter remains still unresolved for me!!!!!!!!

this is really confusing to the extreme level I am getting clueless …. If you get any more information please help me.

If you look plants depicted at USDA Database the plant of Hibiscus vitifolius has much deeper and narrower lobes of leaf, whereas those of Fioria vitifolia much shallower and broader. If the two are distinct, then our plant fits more with Fioria vitifolia.

Yes sir right u r. the plant posted by … has much broader leaves .. then can i go with Fioria vitifolia?

Check this all
it states Fioria vitifolia as current name

As far as i understand, the erstwhile Hibiscus vitifolius was elevated as a new genus ‘Fioria’ owing to the winged nature of fruits. eflora of Pakistan recognized this while GRIN has not yet updated/recognized. Two subspecies are described in eflora of Pakistan:
Parts densely stellate-pubescent and the leaves entire to shallowly 3-7-lobed …..Fioria vitifolia ssp. vulgaris (Brenan & Exell) S. Abedin
Parts sparsely pubescent and the leaves are deeply 3-7-lobed……………………….Fioria vitifolia L. ssp. vitifolia (the plant in … pictures match to this)

Thank you sir. That gives me some clear pictureI was waiting for your reply.

It is fine to assume (and that we have been doing) that they are synonymous, but what about USDA and ITIS databases, the former gives two different local names and photographs of two different plants for them? Do we totally ignore them?, or there is some thing to it.

As far i have seen different renowned plant database is treating this particular plant in differnt manner as far as the specific epithet is concerned. hence the complete matter is very confusing and clueless to me..

This topic warrents a ‘research’ article. That much confusion! but its interesting! The learning is we can’t completely rely on any single database, for some or the other reasons. Please read with patience:
1. E-Flora of Pakistan and Wikispecies http://species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fioria_vitifolia have clearly quoted Fioria vitifolia as accepted name and Hibiscus vitifolius as synonym/basionym. The Flora of China http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=2&taxon_id=115438 does not deal with Hibiscus vitifolius complex, but has a species H. yunnanensis, an another species having winged capsules (should have been Fioria yunnanensis?!)
2. GRIN database of USDA http://www.ars-grin.gov/cgi-bin/npgs/html/genform.pl says “sorry, there are no species in GRIN matching the query string “Fioria” but there is at least one accepted genus record matching “Fioria“. Here, if you select 2. View the GRIN generic record(s) for “Fioria” it leads to a Genus: Fioria Mattei (Genus number 4681) page where it says ‘sometimes included in: Hibiscus L. However it also says “no species records exist for this genus in GRIN” (my question here is how the genus name is accepted, without any species in it? So, we can safely say this database yet to update the species names for Fioria).
3. Let’s come to USDA Plants Profile http://www.plants.usda.gov/java/nameSearch. As you said it gives two different pictures in two different names viz. Hibiscus vitifolius and Fioria vitifolia (time being lets keep the local name issue aside). I think that some of the pictures are incorrectly identified at the source level and without verification it has been included in the USDA database. These pictures are sourced (see below the picture) from Botany department image gallery Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History http://persoon.si.edu/PlantImages/. When you search for Fioria vitifolia it gives 2 pictures which are correct. But when you search for Hibiscus vitifolius, it provides 7 pictures, but i was shocked to find that they actually belong to 4 different species. Of these, the first one is, i think, Hibiscus cannabinus, the 3rd and 4th pictures are Bauhinia tomentosa (?), 2nd and 6th are Fioria vitifolia and 5th and 7th pictures could be some Decaschistia species.
Thank you all for the opportunity.

It is not for nothing that I that designated our group as efloraofindia research forum. Keep the good work on. Let us investigate further, and till then our plant is Fioria vitifolia.


Hibiscus vitifolius :: Prabalmachi, near Panvel :: 30 NOV 19 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 3 images.
Prabalmachi  between Matheran and Panvel
Date: November 30, 2019 … Altitude: about 390 m (1,280 ft) asl
Hibiscus vitifolius  L.

via Species‎ > ‎H‎ > Hibiscus vitifolius L. … family: Malvaceae
Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
hi-BIS-kus — Greek, Latin name for a mallow-like plantDave’s Botanary
vy-tee-FO-lee-us — having leaves like a grapeDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: five-winged capsule rose-mallow, grape leaved mallow, tropical fanleaf, tropical rose mallowBengali: বনকাপাস banakapasaGujarati: જંગલી ભીંડો jangli bhindo, ડાખલીયો ભીંડો dakhliyo bhindo, વન ભીંડો van bhindo, વન કપાસ van kapasHindi: बन ओकरा ban okraKannada: ಮಣಿ ತುತ್ತೀ ಗಿಡ mani thutthi gida, ಪಿಂಡೀ ಸೊಪ್ಪು pindi soppuKonkani: धाकटो काळो भेंडो dhakto kalo bhendoMalayalam: കാട്ടുവെള്ളൂരം kaattu vellooramMarathi: वनकपास vankapasSanskrit: भारद्वाजी bharadvaji, वनकार्पास vanakarpasaTamil: சிறுதுத்தி ciru-tutti, மணித்துத்தி mani-t-tuttiTelugu: అడవి పత్తి adavi patthi, ఇసుక రావి isuka ravi, కారు పత్తి kaaru patthi
botanical names: Hibiscus vitifolius L. … synonyms: Fioria vitifolia (L.) Mattei • Hibiscus heterotrichus DC. • Hibiscus lepidospermus Miq. … status at POWO
October 10, 2009 … Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary


Malvaceae week :: Hibiscus vitifolius:  Hibiscus vitifolius L.

Hye-bisk-us — rose-mallow
vy-tee-FO-lee-us — having leaves like a grape
[image: Grape-leaved Mallow]<http://www.google.com/url?…>
Oct 10, 2009 at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
commonly known as: grape-leaved mallow, tropical fanleaf • Gujarati: ઢાક્તો કાલો ભેન્ડો dhakto kalo bhendo • *Marathi*: वन कापूस van kapus Native of: South Africa; distribution not clear; perhaps naturalized in India … please validate.
   – [image: Fioria vitifolia]<http://www.google.com/url?…>
… Nov 13, 2010 at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park)
– [image: Fioria vitifolia]<http://www.google.com/url?…>
… Nov 13, 2010 at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park)
– [image: Fioria vitifolia]<http://www.google.com/url?…>
… Nov 27, 2010 at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
– [image: Tropical Fanleaf]<http://www.google.com/url?…>
… Oct 9, 2010 at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary


Hibiscus vitifolius – dried pod :: Yeoor Hills, part of SGNP :: 29 DEC 19 : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image.
Yeoor Hills  … part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Date: December 29, 2019 … Altitude range: about 100 ft (30 m) to 1575 ft (480 m) asl
Hibiscus vitifolius  L.

… showing dried pod.
The delicate twiner is Cajanus scarabaeoides (L.) Thouars … and the grass could most possibly be Themeda triandra Forssk.


Re: Hibiscus : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Mettur Salem Tamilnadu
Hibiscus lunarifolius or Hibiscus panduriformis or Hibiscus vitifolius
Please confirm

I guess more close to Hibiscus vitifoliusHibiscus lunarifolius has no distribution in India!

I too agree with … for H. vitifolius,


Swamy/New series/ID/35 – ID of the plant : Malvaceae: 3 images.
I am posting the photographs of a plant received from Chennai. Photographed yesterday (25.7.21). Please suggest an ID..

Abelmoschus ??

Hibiscus vitifolius


Need ID help: in Kuno, Abutilon?: 4 images.
K-P National Park

Check for Hibiscus sps (H.calophyllus ???)

I think it is close to the images at Hibiscus vitifolius L.
Pl. post images of the lower portion.


Hibiscus vitifolius from HSR Layout Bangalore-GS24012022-1: 6 very high res. images.
Hibiscus vitifolius photographed from HSR Layout Bangalore, 17-9-2015.



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